Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet S..Monday

August 4th - 10th

Aria's first shredded wheat, which ended up being basically the messiest thing ever. It was like a hay bale exploded in the dining room. But, her hay bale beard was pretty cute. Next time I'll get the non-ginormous variety.

Playing with Oball and teethers
I am loving all the Disney outfits in her new clothing size - most of them from her Aunt Laura. This one is even cuter from behind because there is a little bow on her butt.

I know there is a cupcake on the front, but I think she looks like a little mug of hot cocoa in this chocolate-y onesie. Chris and Aria are obviously having a good conversation too. I would also like to point out that the scraggly beard has been trimmed. So much better - thank the Lord for interviews!

No doubt mere moments away from getting into trouble.

She never touched this cord until Chris baby proofed the nursery. Either excellent timing or she was just waiting to test out our baby proofing abilities. Although, I can't even get the dome off this outlet cover, so I think we are safe.

Remember I mentioned my moose obsession in this post? I found two moose sleepers the next day (in the little boy's section naturally) that are the cutest. Her feet have antlers! She really looks ready for bed too, huh?

I was entertaining her with my mouse. And, then she dive bombed me a second later trying to get it. Kid can move at the speed of light when she wants to.

This whole learning how to sit up thing is really putting a damper on nap time. She clearly isn't a fan either.

Aria is officially a traveling baby now, she rolls herself all over the place. I'm just glad I vacuumed right before this. She has still only taken a crawl or two at a time before collapsing to her belly...not that I'm anxiously waiting or anything.

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  1. What a sweetie! I just came to say hi and follow you because we are in the same fantasy football league :)


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