Friday, August 2, 2013

Eight Months Old

August 2nd
Weight: 18.5 lbs according to my home scale.

Height: I don't know, I'll find out at her 9 month appointment. A little taller than last time I assume.

Sleep: Sometime between seven month's old and today Aria started sleeping through the night again. But, it happened so gradually it took a while before I even realized it was happening. One day I was just like, oh hey she hasn't been waking up for an hour during the night anymore. Heck yeah! She will still occasionally fuss around 5 or 6am, but it happens rarely. Also, she wakes up at least once per night and lets out one cry, rolls over, and falls back asleep. Getting her down at night is hit or miss, sometimes I feed her, put her in the crib, give her a kiss, and she rolls over and falls asleep without a problem. Other nights she fights it for 30 minutes, and I end up going in at least once to rub her back, calm her down, and put her back in the crib (still awake). Her napping is still awesome - two 1.5 hour naps on the regular, with the second one a little more flimsy. Honestly, I think I hit the jackpot with her sleeping habits.

Clothes: I just pulled out the 6-9 months sizes yesterday. The pants and the outfits (things other than onesies) have been too small for a few weeks now, but since I normally put Aria in onesies or dresses it didn't much matter. But, the onesies are getting a little snug lengthwise now and when I realized the other day that she would be 8 months old I decided it was time to go up a size. As of typing this post I haven't put her in any of the new things yet, so I am excited for some fresh outfits.

Diapers: Newly into size 3 disposables. We probably could have switched a bit sooner, but wanted to use up the rest of the box. I love putting a big diaper on a tiny tush. Now that her bum is a little bigger I tried the Thirsties Duo cloth diaper, but I don't like the north-south snaps. But, they do fit better then before. I'd use them in a pinch but the FuzziBunz are still the best. I also just loosened the leg elastics a notch in the FuzziBunz.

Loves: Jumping - in the jumperoo or on a lap or wherever, trying to pull herself to standing, being spoken to, and belly raspberries.

Hates: Not being able to crawl, being left alone in the jumperoo - she has gotten pretty decent at floor self play but she isn't having any of it in the jumperoo, and getting her face washed after meals.

Milestone progress: Her sitting is awesome. She can now sit herself up from laying too, which makes putting her down for a nap a little trickier sometimes. She has pulled herself up on things a handful of times now, including the crib for the first time yesterday - so lowering that is on the agenda today. No crawling yet, but she wiggles herself backwards like it is going out of style and she is trying so hard to go forward. She is still babbling the same sounds - mostly dadada. My favourite is when she mouths the dadada but doesn't make any noise - too cute.

Teeth: No teeth, no swollen gums. She has gotten really good at chewing on her banana toothbrush though.

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