Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where Are They Now...Monthly Favourites 1st through 6th Review

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Burp Cloths - Still used daily. Turtle has dialed back the drooling and spit up these days, but it happens often enough that I always keep one nearby.

Soothies - Turtle hasn't taken a pacifier in months.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - I am still a big fan of the breathable fabric. And, it is soothes Turtle when I put her down for the night or a nap. I lay her in the crib, give her the blanket, and then she curls up with it immediately.

Miracle Blanket - Turtle hasn't been swaddled since she was a few weeks old. It was nice in the beginning when she still wanted to be swaddled.

Itzbeen - Still one of my favourite little gadgets. Turtle is completely regular with her nursing schedule, but I use it for diaper changes and to time her naps now.

Boppy - Love. I hate nursing Turtle without the boppy. It is such a pain in the butt, and it hurts my wrist. I see people do it all the time and I just have no idea how they make it looks so easy. Beyond nursing, I put the boppy behind her when we play on the nursery floor so when she dramatically flops she lands on something soft. Plus, she loves to play with the tags.

Rock n Play - It hasn't been used since Turtle transitioned to the crib at the beginning of May.

Sleep Sheep - I use it every time she gets put in her crib to sleep.

Footed Sleepers - Turtle sleeps in one every night. I like the slightly thicker ones so I know she is warm enough with the fan on.

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Bouncer - It just got stored in favor of the pack n play not even a week ago. Very handy until Turtle got too back-flippy.

Bumbo - It has been more than a month since Turtle sat in her bumbo. She got too close to popping herself out of it, and shortly after she learned to sit up on her own making it superfluous.

Satsuma Baby Mittens - I used them sporadically when Turtle transitioned to the crib, but I found she didn't need them anymore so I gradually stopped using them.

Activity Gym - Another piece of baby gear that got stored. Turtle rolls too much to have much interest in dangly things. I popped it out up until a few weeks ago, but she didn't care for it much anymore.

Mei Tai Carrier - No.

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Jumperoo - Yes. This thing gets used daily. Kid jumps her heart out in it.

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Take Along Tunes - Still one of her favourite toys.

Nuby Keys - I'm not sure how she feels about these, they are my back up toy in the diaper bag so they don't get played with often. But, when they do get pulled out she doesn't ignore them.

Snuggle & Teethe Monkey - aka crinkle monkey. This has found a permanent spot in the car attached to her car seat. I always hear her crinkling away in the back.

Books - Still not an avid book reading fan, but she is an avid page turner/squisher/eater fan.

Links - Oh yeah, these are awesome - to play with and to attach things with.

Sunhat - It always gets brought along to the zoo and the beach. I prefer the one we have with a chin strap, the other is much too easy to pull off.

Aveeno Baby Wash - We are on our second bottle. Turtle still smells amazing.

Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm - This balm is super. We've barely made a dent in it, and it works like a charm.

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Floor Mats - I'm pretty sure I'd never sit with Turtle on the tiled living room floor if it weren't for these mats. They save my sanity, and Turtle's skull.

Boon Flair High Chair - Still a big hit. I even took it out back and hosed it off the other day because it was just that much of a food explosion.

Breathable Mesh Crib Liner - I'm sure there would be many foot-sticking-out-of-crib-slat incidents if it weren't for these.

Sassy Wonder Wheel - I've learned the trick of wetting the bottom before suctioning it to the high chair now so that it actually stays attached. Most of the time it doesn't stay out too long before I am ready with a meal though, but it entertains her while I plate her up some grub.

O'Ball - Another of her favourite toys.

Neutrogena Sunblock - It still gets used anytime we are going to be outside long enough, but I wouldn't repeat buy this particular product. The lid won't close anymore, and when it runs out I plan on buying a spray on sunblock. Probably still in the Neutrogena family though.

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