Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet Sunday

July 21st - 27th

Turtle has discovered that she can hold on to the side of the crib and nom. She can't pull herself up at the moment, but crib lowering will have to happen soon.

She can't get enough of these placemats - waving em around like she just don't care.

I wanted to vacuum before she went down for a nap. She had other plans. I looked away long enough to vacuum the kitchen, and when I looked back she was out. So, like a good mom I snapped a few pictures then put her down in her crib.

 The Tennessee family came down for a couple week visit. It was my uncle's birthday too, so we feasted on fish, shrimp, chicken, alfredo, and crab dip. And, for dessert mini cheesecakes! Ignore my use of a white font on top of a white background, the background was grey when I edited it and I didn't remember it would be against white on the blog. Sometimes my brain doesn't work.

Quality family floor time.

 Turtle can't crawl yet, but she can wiggle herself backwards with the best of them.

I can't get over how cute these polka dot bloomers are that the Tennessee family brought down for Turtle. She has her serious face on, but check great grandma out in the background - big ol' smile.

We take our old bread to the duck pond to feed the Ibis (I think) or Ibises since there are many. The facial expressions in this picture crack me up - weary, very weary.

Turtle went for a visit to her Godmother's to check out the nursery, and we had to try out the mamaRoo. Coolest thing ever, definitely wish we had one for those newborn months. Clearly Turtle is a bit big for it. But, two thumbs up for a super cute nursery. Now we just need a Rory to put in it.

Isn't this the most darling picture? Love the glances.

 Turtle has been working ever so hard on crawling this week. I keep watching her try and just waiting for that one time where she actually gets her legs to cooperate and moves forward. She usually just belly flops and wiggles backwards.

The pups came into the nursery to say hi to Turtle when I let them out of their cages. I think they are fond of her now. I wonder if their opinion will change when she gets mobile.

Let me dump all these toy things out so I can play with the wipes container.


The fam gathered one more time before they head back to Tennessee. And, just when Turtle was starting to warm up to them...

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