Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sweet Sunday

July 7th - 13th

Turtle felt the need to look back at me every 10 seconds while she was facing the other way in her Jumperoo. Yes, I did think it was cute as a button.

Hanging out at the zoo, per usual.

Watching the giraffes eat. I'd love to know what she is thinking. "Hmm looks just like Lizzy but with a longer neck."

Turtle likes to ride around in her stroller with her feet up on the tray and play with her toes.

 Stretching out on dad's shoulders after sitting in the stroller for a while.

The baby jaguar is getting so big. 

Turtle already loves purses. That's my girl.

I decided to flip the floor mats to the colourful side now that Turtle can sit without flopping over so much. I thought the black side was softer for her head to hit. But, this side is so much more fun.

I think somebody was ready for a nap.

Along with flipping the mats, I set up the pack n play for safe baby plopping. Turtle was getting too close to back flipping her way out of the bouncer for my comfort.
She is shaking her oball back and forth in this picture, but look at her face - she has it all squished up. She is concentrating greatly on the violence.

Ma petite lionne.

It was quite a pretty day, even if it was a hot Florida summer day. I let the hubs handle taking Turtle outside these days, I'm too much of a wimp for the heat.

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