Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweet Sunday

 June 30th - July 6th

 This apple rattle was one of my favourite baby purchases prebaby. Kid could care less about the rattle, but she loves the box. I still count it as win, she likes part of it.

Rummaging around in her toy box.

I miss those days when she just slept in my arms all the time. Now I only get the rare snooze after she nurses. Snuggling with mom is so overrated.

Her favourite toys are the pillow that came with her activity mat, the apple rattle box, tags, her oball, an orange and pink teether, and the take along tunes.

Turtle sported her fisherman's hat at the zoo this week. Just like her dad, and her great papa wore one too - must be a family hat thing.

Only problem was she just pulling it over her eyes and couldn't see anything.

Oh, is that the camera? Can I bite it, please?

Hanging out with the sloth.

Being silly.

Kid lights up when the dogs come around. Lizzy has no problem sitting right on top of Turtle. Baxter is good for a couple kisses, but is gone as soon as she tries to touch him.

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