Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sweet Sunday - Typical Day Edition

Wake up between 7 and 8am. Get a fresh diaper and nurse.

Wrangle the dogs out of bed and outside. Make breakfast - lots of fruit.

Change out of pjs. Fold laundry and stuff cloth diapers.

Brush teeth with mom, which she rocks at.

Play on the floor. Get beagle kisses.

Move to the jumperoo after the floor gets boring. Don't let this face fool you, she loves it.

A little poetry reading before naptime.

First nap of the day from around 10:30 to noon. Mom sits on her butt.

Hello, Sunshine! Afternoon nursing and of course a fresh diaper.

Lunch. Usually tomatoes, cucumbers, and anything else I find.

More playtime.
On the nursery floor.

And, in the jumperoo.

And, with daddy.

Quick nurse around 3, followed by the second nap of the day until 5. Mom does more butt sitting.

Dinner at 5:30, if I have my act usually 6.

Time for a bath at 6:45. Followed by nursing and a good night kiss.

Phew, made it to that magical time when I can crawl into bed!

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