Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seven Months Old

July 2nd
Weight: My scale is unbalanced, but I will update when it cooperates - (update) 17 lbs.
Height: Not sure, 26 inches or so.
Sleep: She has gotten a little better about sleeping through the night, but more often than not she wakes up somewhere between 4am and 6am. I have the video monitor (affiliate link) now, so I don't normally even have to get out of bed when she does wake because she tends to put herself back to sleep just fine. But, it still wakes me up and interrupts my sleeping, so I wouldn't mind her just staying asleep the whole night. The naps are phenomenal now too. One day her Godmother came over and she has napped for an hour and a half almost every day since, and at a predictable time - fairy dust. The second nap can be hit or miss, but there are a good number of days when Turtle will go down for two 1.5 hour naps. Pod baby.
Clothes: I think we might be on the way out of the 3-6 months size soon. Some of the outfits, things other than simple onesies, are a little tight now - her overalls, and rompers, etc. But, she definitely still has some miles left in her footed sleepers and onesies. I've also started loving the cotton footless footed sleepers, they are lightweight enough to wear during the day and I think having her feet bare helps her get traction for moving.
Diapers: I also think we are on the way out of size 2 disposables, they top out at 18 lbs and Turtle is at 17 lbs now. As far as cloth diapers, FuzziBunz are still the reigning champions.

Loves: Sitting on dad's shoulders, getting neck kisses, zucchini, babbling, and chewing on tags.
Hates: Diaper changes - she protests loudly, realizing she has just rolled herself on to her stomach, and skipping nap time.
Milestone progress: Her unassisted sitting is pretty great. Occasionally she throws herself backwards, but much less wobbly. She has stronger legs than me, and loves to stiffen them out. The newly learned babbling is the best though. So far, dadada, blub, bababa, and a va once or twice. And, as of today she can get on all fours and rock. The exciting developments are coming at us left and right!
Teeth: Nope. Try again next month. But, she likes to brush her gums in the bathroom with her banana toothbrush (affiliate link).

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