Monday, July 22, 2013

Historical-ness: Lizzy

Last time I talked about Baxter, so I'll talk about Lizzy this time.

The hubs and I brought Baxter home over the summer of 2005 and half a year later, right at the beginning of the new year, we decided to get him a playmate. Actually it was more me bugging the hubs until he agreed. I'd been fiddling around on I don't recommend it if you are like me because you will end up wanting 13 new loves. And, I saw what looked like a little lady hound. So, I talked the hubs into driving over to the shelter before work to take a look.
Turns out she was bigger than Baxter, but skin and bones poor thing. Pictures are deceiving. But, when we saw her in the little dirty cage laying on the floor looking extremely pitiful there was no resisting. Walking into places like that just breaks me heart though. If I could afford it and had a few dozen acres surrounded by a nice big fence, I would definitely take the whole lot.
We told the shelter people we were interested, and we played with her in the little fenced yard. I was already sold back at the pitiful face, but when we said we had another dog at home they wanted us to bring Baxter out to see if they got along. Back home we went, a thirty minute drive, grabbed Baxter and hit the road again. Baxter and Sassy, at the time, got along fabulously. The shelter people said that Sassy didn't normally care to play with any other dogs, but she was zooming around with Baxter like they were long lost friends. So, we hurried up and signed, read, and sold our souls to the paper work gods because the hubs had to scoot off to work.
On the drive home, while Sassy sat on my lap and I freaked out that I was holding her too tightly, we renamed her Lizzy. Lizzy because my favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. Then the hubs went off to work and I went out to Petsmart and proceeded to buy out the store.
I do not do well with change. So, I spent the rest of the evening staring at Baxter and Lizzy playing just waiting for one of them to realize they hated the other and eat a face off. Spoiler: it didn't happen. By the time the hubs got off work I was a nervous mess though. I was convinced we'd made a mistake, how could we have two dogs, ohmygosh this is too much work. The hubs was basically like calm your shit. Good thing one of us is reasonable.
After I calmed my shit, I proceeded to fatten miss skin and bones up (which took years) and spoil her rotten and have a hell of a time house breaking her. Lizzy was over a year old when we adopted her, and I guess her previous owners taught her nothing other than to be scared of everything. Thanks jackasses. She wasn't completely house broken until after we moved to Colorado, which we did the following summer. She even peed on the hubs side of the bed once when she was annoyed we were petting our neighbor's pup.
Even though she probably had an unpleasant first year of her life, she is the sweetest thing. She loves people. When we go to the dog park making her rounds to all the people is her first priority. Then she smells the place over and ignores the other dogs. She tries her hardest to sit on your lap and has a limitless need for butt scratches. But, she gets startled easily and is weary of most things - laundry baskets, or basically anything raised above shoulder height. Flight is strong with her.
She loves being outside. When we lived in Colorado we had a balcony and Lizzy would sit out there shivering in the cold until I made her come back inside. Now that we live in Florida she lays out on the back porch until she is too hot to stand it and then comes inside and plops on the cool tile until she is refreshed enough to go back outside. She does this all day long. I'm not sure which place she preferred. It was too cold to sit outside all the time, but we went on many more walks and outings in Colorado. I can't be persuaded to go outside 9 months of the year in Florida for walks, but she can lay outside all she wants. It's a toss up.
She will be 9 this fall, I can't believe how old my dogs are getting. Her favourite activities are being fed, eating grass, getting love from anybody she can talk into a butt scratch, and snoring. She and Baxter are inseparable, and can really pick em up and lay em down for a solid 4 minutes of play. Pretty much they are the best pups a girl could ask for. And, they are great with Turtle. Baxter has warmed up to her and will give her kisses, and Lizzy will sit next to anybody that might pet her. Just watch out because Lizzy can sneak in a kiss faster than you can realize she is coming in for the kill.


  1. She is adorable...reminds me so much of my own dog, Sammie. Isn't it a bit sad when you realize that they are getting older and older? Sammie is 13 now and I'm just happy she's still hanging in there with us. I have a feeling Lizzy will make your family happy for a long time as well.

    1. Aww thanks! Ugh yes it is. They are under 10 but I can't believe they are that old. They aren't allowed to pass on anytime soon. They definitely complete the family and are best friends with Aria.


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