Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July

Well, happy Christmas in July first of all. It is my favourite time of the summer, although that isn't saying much because summer is my least favourite season. I caught a few minutes of QVC during their Christmas in July sale here and there. I must say the Firefly Light Projector is rather ugly, sorry real strands of light look so much better. But, it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy when they have all the Christmas decorations displayed. I've also enjoyed a few mugs of hot cocoa, underneath the fan on full blast, and listened to a carol or two. I even thought about having a full out Christmas style feast a few months ago, but it never made it past the thinking about it stage. Maybe next year...if I remember. Clearly, I go all out.

But, the best part about Christmas in July is that it means only 5 more months until Christmas! Best. time. of. the. year. I am in love with the months of October, November, and December.  They've got the best holidays, and the best seasons, and the best weather, and the best smells, and the best foods, and the best clothes. They aren't as amazing when it is still hot in Florida, but they are still my faves even when I am sweating. Although, I wouldn't say no to a move to oh I don't know...Utah, Washington, or Wyoming.

It has me thinking about all the fun traditions I want to continue or start with Turtle.

We always have our Canadian Thanksgiving feast, although last year it was just the two of us because I was too pregnant to have the gang over. Sorry, guys. Pregnancy is such an energy suck. It is on like donkey kong this year though, so October 14th save the date!

I cannot make up my mind what I want Turtle to be for Halloween. A pink dinosaur? She is really good at making raptor sounds. Or, a pirate? Complete with a curly black wig and feathered hat, I mean come on. Or, a fox? Because, I have the hound. Or, I don't even know what...the possibilities are endless. I can, however, make up my mind about my favourite Halloween candies - Hershey's cookies and cream bars and Baby Ruths. Oh yeah. You know what I hate, handing out Halloween candy. Somehow it is always my job and some people don't understand that lights out means I have no more candy so stop knocking on my damn door. Learn proper Halloween etiquette, dagnabbit.

Then we get our second Thanksgiving feast on good ol' American Thanksgiving. I love, love, love to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in bed. Two Thanksgivings ago I was sick as a dog, so sick I couldn't even have the TV on. So, I missed the Parade. I complained about it for the rest of the year. That's how much I look forward to watching the Parade on Thanksgiving morning. I probably won't get to lounge in bed and watch it this year, what with a crawling and soon to be/already walking almost one year old keeping me on my toes, but you bet it will be on. Hopefully one year Turtle will want to crawl into bed and watch it with matching pajamas.

The day after Thanksgiving the magic starts. All those Christmas decorations get put up, the Christmas music can really start to be played (I mean it won't stop me from listening to it beforehand, but it will get amped up for certain after Thanksgiving), I get to wrap presents, my favourite Hershey's kisses bell commercials start, etc. I'm already wondering if Turtle is going to try and topple the Christmas tree, or unwrap all the presents the second my back is turned. This might be the year I actually wait to put presents under the tree until Christmas eve night. I have been looking forward to making Christmas magical for my child since I was practically a child. Turtle was 23 days old last Christmas, and slept the entire morning so it doesn't count. But, this year, watch out.

I want to actually remember to have an advent calendar, and I want to do the wrapped Christmas book a day too. I want to write a letter to Santa, and bake cookies, and watch every Christmas movie, and get new Christmas pajamas, and have the best Christmas morning breakfast ever. We prefer a full on Christmas dinner feast on Christmas Eve and then the biggest badass breakfast on Christmas day. More time for toy playing that way. I know she won't remember it, but I will...and there will be 4 billion pictures to document it.

But, the best part of the holiday season is that Turtle will be turning 1 on December 2nd. I mean, you know, the hubs has a birthday then too - the 7th, but been there done that. I don't think he minds being outshone by his favourite little girl though. I've already got most of it planned out it my head. But, I'm keeping it to myself for now though so it is a surprise. And, because I may change my mind in 2 months and if I type it out I will feel obligated to stick with it. I know, I'm weird, whatever.

I suppose New Year's Eve is in there too, but it has never been that important of a holiday for me. I use to play cards with my grandma all night while watching Dick Clark and sipping on a little glass of white wine. Turtle is a smidgen too young for any of that, but when she is older hopefully that will be our little tradition too.

What is your favourite holiday tradition?

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