Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7th Month Favourites

Infant Optics DXR-5- When I first registered for Turtle I didn't understand why I would want a video monitor, I wasn't even sure I wanted any monitor. The nursery is so close to my bedroom that I knew I would be able to hear her at night, and I planned on keeping her in my bedroom in the beginning anyway. Then I switched her to the crib, and she stopped sleeping through the night. I would hear her crying without any problems, but I wasn't sure why she was crying. And, of course being a paranoid mommy, I had to go check on her. Now that I have my handy dandy video monitor, I can peak at her from the comfort of my bed and determine if the situation requires me getting my bum out of bed or not. I'm a convert to the video monitor.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether- After Turtle started using her hands, I kept offering her Sophie but she was never really interested in it. A little too hard to grab, or not exciting enough, I don't know. Then one day she decided she liked it. Now she plays with Sophie daily. I link it to her suction toy and she can entertain herself in her high chair while I gather up food. Plus, she makes the cutest squeaky noise chewing on the ear.

Bumkins SuperBib- Turtle has a lot of bibs. A lot. It is the go to gift, I suppose. But, I find the majority of them to be pretty useless. Too small for food, and not absorbent enough for spit up. I bought these based on mommy recommendations, and they rock. In particular, I like their thinness because it keeps the bib close to Turtle's body. The pocket catches dropped food bits. And, it is big enough to cover most of her chest. Meals are still messy as all get out, but at least cleaning Turtle up is easier with SuperBibs.

Disney Princess Bedtime Stories - This collection of stories is my favourite to read from before naptime. A gift from Turtle's Aunt Laura.

Graco UrbanLite Stroller, Rittenhouse- When Turtle was still too little to be in the stroller without her infant car seat attached, I hated the fuss of taking the stroller anywhere. She didn't enjoy being strapped in the car seat, so she would only stay in the stroller for a few minutes. No point in carrying her and pushing a stroller. Now that she can sit up on her own she can sit in the stroller sans car seat. And, she will happily for a long time. It is smooth to push, easy to fold and unfold - after I read the manual, fits in the tiny trunk no problems, lots of drink holders and storage, the seat completely lays down, it seems nicely cushioned for baby, and I love the black pattern. A big thank you to Turtle's Uncle Ian and Aunt Arianne for gifting us this stroller.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder- There is a question and answer section in Rapley's Baby Led Weaning book, and one specifically addressing these mesh feeders saying they weren't really needed. I already had them, but after reading that I wasn't sure if I was going to use them or not. Then one day I spontaneously decided to go for it because there were grapes in the house, and those are a choking hazard. And, after that, blueberries that Turtle went nuts over. It was worth using these for the blueberries alone, Turtle practically attacks them.

Taggies Blanket- Turtle's favourite thing right now are tags. I sit her on the floor and pop the boppy behind her in case she flops, and the first thing she does is dive for the tags. Then I remembered I had a taggies blanket, and ohmygosh wouldn't she just love all those tags. It was too funny, when I gave it to her she fondled the thing until she found the actual tag and gnawed on it. Eventually she gave the other tags a try too. But, she definitely has a hoot playing with her taggies blanket.

Munchkin Duck Tub- I am so glad to have put sink bathing in the past. My knees might disagree, but they'll suck it up. I love this duck tub. It is cheap, cute, and works. It has a non slip bottom for Turtle's bottom, a little blue circle to tell me if the water is too hot, if Turtle keels over she lands on air basically, and I don't have to fill the tub up and waste water to give her a bath. She loves throwing herself backwards onto the end with the duck head, and kicking for all she is worth while sucking on her wash cloth. I think she gives it two thumbs up.

*All the links here are amazon affiliate links, minus the Disney Princess book

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