Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sweet Sunday

June 9th - 15th

Turtle and I went to one of my good friend's baby shower last weekend. She was so well-behaved, and even took a nap during the opening of the presents. We borrowed a bedroom for diaper changes and Turtle enjoyed a little chill time on the bed.

Turtle's Godmother is just a few short weeks away from being a mommy. We are very excited for a new playmate.

It was a good week for Turtle. Her Godfather stopped by for cupcakes and she decided to have a little nap in his arms.

 We are loving the squirting bath toys.

The hubs was absolutely thrilled to be helping Turtle to some applesauce. He was especially pleased whenever she would touch his hand with her apple-y fingers.

I broke out the mesh feeders this week too, so Turtle could try some grapes and blueberries. I debated if I wanted to use it for a while, but it is really nice for the small fruits. She downright lost her mind over the blueberries.

Great grandma brought Turtle a new dangle toy to hang on the activity gym. It has a lovely chiming sound to it - although half the time I am confused as to where it is coming from because chiming seems an odd baby toy sound.

 She can't get enough of watching the dogs.

Her expression is so cute looking at this pineapple, which was delicious and gone in like a day.

Turtle and I went on our first ever walk without the infant car seat clicked on top.

She either liked it so much it lulled her to sleep, or she was bored into a nap. We were out the door by 8:30 am and I was still drenched in sweat by the time we made it home. Florida is just lovely this time of the year.

The hubs and I rearranged Turtle's nursery to make more floor space. We had lots of fun sitting on the carpeted floor, even the dogs liked the extra room. I love how Turtle is just ever so lightly touching Lizzy's leg and Lizzy is completely uncaring.
Baxter usually wants nothing to do with Turtle. However, that plush gator toy has a squeaking head. So, he was right on hand just in case she decided to share.


  1. Love Lizzy and Baxter's looks!

    1. They make great fur-siblings for Turtle!


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