Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Sunday

June 2nd - 8th
A day late due to technical difficulties and wobbly internet connections.

 The hubs and I had an engagement luncheon to go to last Sunday, and since we were actually wearing real clothes I got a few pictures snapped.

 Later that same day we went to the beach. I love me some ocean pictures.

Now that Turtle can sit up, the beach is way more fun.

 Letting our feet get buried in the sand.

 Turtle and I bobbed in a few waves, and then dried off with a duck.

Solids have been going quite well. Just look at the enthusiasm, but then again my pancakes are extra yummy.

 A couple of my friends from high school got together with our little ones, and soon to be little one at the zoo. This was Turtle's first time actually playing in the water area.

 She thought it was shit. Chilly shit.

 My poetry readings knock out the wiggliest of babies, or maybe it is just the poetry.

What in the world did you give me? I think she inherited my dislike of mushrooms...and eggplant.

 Turtle helped me make the pizza dough from Friday's post. She is a budding sous-chef.

Just making sure you are still back there...

Turtle is very excited to be at the library.

After Turtle swiped all the toiletries off the sink counter several days in a row, I figured it was about time to switch to the duck tub. The fact that her butt doesn't slip and slide all over the place makes it a win in my book, but it is pretty convenient other than having to kneel on the tile. Plus, it is really cute.

I like to savor these moments - usually with an iced coffee.

She has really been chewing on her fingers lately. Maybe there is a tooth in there, but I can't find it.

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