Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sweet Sunday

May 26th - June 1st

Turtle insists on sharing my water, so I found her a cup all her own that won't break like her first one. I think she may have gotten some of the water in her mouth, but mostly all over herself while having a blast.

Turtle is not one to enjoy being strapped into her car seat for any length of time. I think this may be the longest she was awake and tolerating it. Although, definitely not seeing the rhino next to her.

 So, I hauled her out of her car seat for a better view..of daddy apparently. Rhino-shmino.

The giraffe exhibit is hit or miss. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you get the whole kit and kaboodle. This time we got somewhere in between. A lot of the giraffes were hanging out in the front, but only one was right up by the deck. The volunteer giraffe information-giver said she was trying to talk somebody into giving her fruit.

But, I am pretty sure Turtle actually watched the giraffes this time. There were several babies for her to see too.

Somehow we keep missing the petting zoo each time we visit the zoo. But, not this time. The alpaca was very paca-less. I think Turtle may have been getting cheated out of sight by her hat though.

One of the stripped fish came over to say hi, I think it may be a Sheepshead but who knows (probably a lot of people...just not me). And, the stingray made a few passes as well.

I had to use my full powers of concentration and back arching to keep Turtle from sucking on the tank wall. We only did two of the zoo spokes this time, because hot...florida...crowds...lunchtime.

Would you just look at this sitting child. She sits. All by herself. For whole seconds. Sometimes longer, and then it seems as if she forgets she has to balance to not fall on her face, which makes her fall on her face. Or, at least attempt to fall on her face, I catch her 98% of the time. That last 2% is what the foam mats are for.
Attacking the smart water bottle. She is very excited to get some smarts.

Turtle is helping daddy win at Scrabble. She has the best view of the board from up high. She is probably sneaking peaks at my letters too. Gee.

I should probably figure out the weight limit on this thing. She makes it lay just about flat nowadays. Look at how angled it was in the last picture on the right in this post - not to mention she was so teeny and small...sniff*.

I let her slurp some water off a spoon from my childhood, but she preferred biting the wrong end.

I found this hat while sorting out the new clothes Turtle was given by her yia-yia when she was here visiting last month - they sat in a piles in her closet and my room for a while. I think it makes her look Parisian, what do you think?

Turtle and I spend a lot of time sitting on these foam mats on the floor. I put her on her back and two seconds later she has rolled over, then rolls back, then rolls a couple times one way, then watches a dog, then wiggles backwards, then licks the floor, then gets pissed off that she isn't getting anywhere. Then we practice sitting. By the end, both of us are covered in dog hair.

We may have gotten a little excited about the whole solids thing. But, she is is 6 months today and she decided that Wednesday was close enough. I was eating a baby bell cheese and she grabbed my hand, yanked it to her mouth, bit off a chunk of cheese, and promptly swallowed it like she'd been doing it for always. So, we figured it was time....for steak. She sucked the hell out of it.

Every time I see these pictures I get the giggles. She is 'talking' to the beagle who is determinedly ignoring her. He is going to have his work cut out for him when she gets to moving around more.

 Turtle has finally decided that she likes Sophie. I've been offering her for two months now, but she is just now getting played with and chewed on. I bet it is totally because she watched them at the zoo the other day.

Naps - they have been pretty awesome this week. She slept a whole hour and 37 minutes one day. And, a full hour two other days. Yesterday and today she was back to 30 minutes on the dot, but man oh man were those extra long ones lovely. Especially since I was wanting to finish reading Dan Brown's Inferno - so good by the way.

Turtle gets plenty of tummy time rolling around on the foam mats, so she gets super annoyed when I stick her in the crib when I stuff her cloth diapers for the day. But, she likes to wrestle with her chicken just long enough for me to get them all ready to go.

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