Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Historical-ness: Baxter

In my last Historical-ness post (this one), I mentioned that the hubs and I got a beagle during the summer of 2005. And, I thought I would do a separate post dedicated just to Baxter. Delve into more detail, or post a bunch of pictures. I haven't decided yet - talk about being on top of things.

I had the idea to get a puppy when I saw an advert for a basset hound that needed a new home. But, she was already spoken for when I called. However, I wasn't going to throw in towel yet. It was a non-serious idea at first, but it became an absolute need when Chris said okay. There weren't any more promising adverts for a few days, but then all of a sudden "beagle puppies - come and get em" popped up. So, we went and got one.
There were two males left. And, sweet Jesus they were the cutest things ever. I'd never seen a beagle puppy before, they were so much darker than I expected and way way cuter. We played with the two beagles for a few minutes to see which one responded to us more, and one was the clear winner. He was super friendly and curious, oddly enough he isn't like that at all now. Chris thinks it is because we took him away from his brother and it traumatized him for life, so we should have gotten both. Seriously, he mentions it all the time.
The next day he went on a 16 hour long car ride to Florida. He was bored to tears. He sat on my lap and chewed on everything - my fingers, the one toy he had, the seat belt. And, he was also so small he could lay on the emergency break between the front seats on a little pillow.

When we got to Florida he hit it off really well with the family weenie dog, Buster who was an elderly chap then and has since passed away. He always was very gentle with him even after he grew up - getting down to Buster's level to play, etc.

Things are a bit fuzzy now, but Baxter was decently easy to potty train. Although, he did pee on my backpack one time. He was even the only dog to graduate from his puppy obedience class. I won't mention that it was because he was the only one who bothered to show up.
And, then one day we thought maybe we should get him a playmate - and Lizzy came into the picture.

They've since been to Pennsylvania for a visit and back, and Colorado to live and back.
Boulder is the most dog friendly of places. Baxter and Lizzy got spoiled with all the dog parks and walking paths and trails and little lakes in the middle of nowhere. Florida is way too f-ing hot most of the time to even think about going on a walk. And, where we live there are also no paths or trails or even sidewalks to go for walks on - talk about lame.
Baxter loved Colorado. He has a beautiful fluffy coat so he relished the cool weather. He enjoyed taking walks rain or shine...snow or shine more like it, and particularly loved all the shallow water he could wade in.
The last year we were in Colorado Baxter gave us a huge scare when he had some kind of internal hemorrhaging. I was home alone and he started having constant diarrhea and vomiting, but it was also bloody. Talk about freaking out. I called the vet and they could squeeze him in in a few hours, so I had to call Chris at work to get him to come home and take us. I barricaded myself in the bathroom with him so he could just vomit and poo all he wanted until our appointment. Poor guy had to go to the emergency vet overnight, and get pumped with fluids and who knows what. After we dropped him off and went home I cried my eyes out in the shower. The next day we spent nearly all of our savings, but he was feeling better. And, we were none the wiser what had caused it. Let's not repeat that ever.
Now that we are back in Florida he spends most of his time sleeping inside, or begging for food. He just turned 8 this month, and plans on living another 80 or so years. He enjoys getting his butt scratched, chasing lizards, barking at people walking outside, completely ignoring Turtle, and being a pansy when I cut his nails. He is anti-social, which is odd for a beagle so I hear. He prefers to bark at you for 10 minutes and then completely ignore you afterwards. He also only listens to Chris, unless I have a particularly tempting goodie to offer him. Good thing he is super cute and I love him.

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