Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Outdoorsman [ 1 / 2]
It is nearly summertime and what better way to kick off the summer than a grill to celebrate dad? Don't forget to stock up on some extra manly meat and charcoal so you can fire up the grill on Sunday. Or, string up a hammock in the backyard so dad can snuggle with the kids in the afternoon or relax after a day of child-wrangling.

The Drinker [ 1 / 2 ]
Something to unwind with after work or bedtime is always a nice gesture. For Turtle's dad that is a stiff drink. And, what is better than a favourite whiskey and whiskey stones.

The Couch Potato [ 1 / 2 ]
 If the dad in your life is anything like Turtle's dad then they would love something new to watch on DVD. And, if they are really like Turtle's dad then they've read the A Song of Ice and Fire series, but haven't seen the HBO series. It wouldn't be a complete couch potato gift without something to munch on like these ridiculously cute fried chicken shaped sugar cookies.


  1. Thanks for the ideas! I have no idea how father's day is already here - need to still figure something out for my dad!

    1. When in doubt quality time with him can't be topped. Thanks for stopping by!


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