Saturday, May 18, 2013

Window Shopping: Sandals

So, this one time I was Christmas shopping last year, and while I was walking across the street my sandal broke. Usually when a sandal breaks it is the thong that pulls free of that little hole it fits through, but mine actually snapped in half. There was no quick and easy shove it back in the hole fix. I was running out of time to get my shopping done, so I just held my shoe and carried on. It was my last stop of the day and I just needed to run in to grab a gift card. Walking around half barefoot was semi-gross, but mainly awkward because they had an inch platform so I was walking off balance. Who knows what people thought.

Five months later I still haven't found a pair of sandals to replace them. I have no problem finding a dozen pairs that look fabulous online, but when I go to a brick and mortar store there aren't any to be found. And, I'm not a fan of buying shoes online because shoes are so much about how they feel. I end up never returning a pair that didn't work out. It's a shame because I'd love to have any of the pairs below.

Living in Florida I'm suppose to have 8 pairs of sandals in my closest. But, I only had 2 pairs, one black and one brown. I know, I'm going to have my residence status revoked. Now I just have my 1 brown pair, and they are not walk friendly. Plus, my purse is black so they don't match. I'll just take all of the 11 below to make up for it. My faves are 2 and 5, which are yours?

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