Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet Sunday

May 19th - 25th

 Her new favourite part of the jumperoo is the butterfly. She will play with it and play with it and ignore everything else. When she is tired of it she is ready to not be in the jumperoo another second.

 I put Turtle down on her activity gym and 2 seconds later she is off of it. Those play mats are certainly coming in handy.

 She eventually remembers that she doesn't really like being on her tummy.

But, then she rolls over and all is well again.

 This is what Turtle looks like 90% of the time - completely covered in drool. That and super duper cute.

  By the way, this happened.

 It is shortly followed by this, but she can sit unassisted for a whole couple of seconds and corrects her balance a few times before flopping over. Most exciting milestone yet - to me anyway, I'm excited.

 It is particularly adorable when she is sitting and wants to hold your hold.

She still manages to flop over though. That is okay because daddy is there to catch her.

 When she is tired of the sitting, she likes to do the standing and the smiling.

We had a splendidly rainy day on Tuesday.

Turtle and I stood out on the front porch to listen and watch for a long while. I am a lover of rain, too bad there wasn't any thunder and lightning.

I let Turtle practice with her new cup. She got water everywhere and none in her mouth, but she sure gave it her best. Then she dropped the cup over the edge and cracked it. Fiddle sticks.

I think she enjoys hanging out with her dad.

Turtle and I were playing on the floor and Lizzy came over to lay right behind her. I think somebody has a new friend.

This was a magical nap. I laid her down, gave her the blanket, and then she grabbed it, rolled on her side and fell right to sleep.

That nap refreshed her for flailing around with her stuffed chicken.

 I managed to capture a picture of Turtle still on her activity mat.

This nap was not magical. This nap was a hard fought 30 minutes before crashing type nap. You win some, you lose some.

8 days until the high chair can get used for actual eating! I am not prepared.

After going through my folder of pictures from this week, I realized we did not spend much time outside. It is already getting too hot to enjoy being outside. Dammit, Florida.

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