Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sweet Sunday

May 12th - 18th

We've been trying to get napping more regular and semi-patterned this week. It has sort of been working.

 Turtle absolutely loves this green dog mug. She stares at it from across the dining room, and tries extra hard to grab it when she is near it. If she manages to get close enough she chomps down on the edge too.

Turtle can officially use the jumperoo sans game boards.

 Turtle was just watching me spin her suction toy for the first few high chair sits, but she decided to give it a go herself on Wednesday. Look at that tongue sticking out! It tastes like yellow.

She's been big into curling her tongue out this week.

Daddy likes to do tummy time with Turtle on the bed. A super soft place to roll around.

Playing with the suction toy while watching the dogs run around outside in the morning. She was more interested in the toy than the dogs though.

 More game board free jumping.

We went a-visiting on Thursday to see Aunt Shirley. Turtle was as happy as a clam sitting on her aunt's lap for almost an hour - unheard of. Turtle also went for a visit to see her godfather on Monday and met two whole new pups, and I sadly forgot my camera. Yoda was cautiously interested and Delilah was just plain excited. Turtle thought it was more fun than sliced peaches.

Hanging out in front of the back door and rolling over. She scooted herself 90 degrees to the right then inched herself back against the microwave cabinet before getting annoyed. Mobility is getting closer... 

Aunt Arianne picks out the cutest outfits. My outfit of choice, it gets put on as soon as it gets cleaned. Bonus, it is easy as pie to get to the diaper for changes.

 I'd like to introduce you to our new flooring. Since we have tile, I have visions of cracked skulls and bruised tail bones when Turtle starts to flop on the floor while trying to get up and move. So, the hubs and I went out to Sam's Club and picked up some interlocking foam mats to cushion the falls.

Now Turtle has a (decently) soft area on which to roll over and scoot. In theory. She has spit up on it and licked it though.

 I think the living room has officially been taken over by baby crap. A big ugly pad, a jumperoo, a bumbo just out of sight, a high chair just out of sight, a monkey bouncer just out of sight, her activity gym, and all those toys as scooting incentive.


  1. Gorgeous Baby!!!!

    Just my opinion though :)

    1. Thanks mom, but you might be a little biased!


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