Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet Sunday

May 5th - May 11th

I am loving all the new clothing options now that Turtle is in the next size up!

The dining room table is expanded, because we still haven't taken the middle out after the in-laws left, and Turtle thinks it makes fantastic chewing material.

The hubs and I love to play board games, mainly Scrabble. Turtle made sure daddy was keeping score properly.

On Monday, we finally made it out to the U-Pick Strawberry Farm. They are closed now for the season, so we made it just in time. I can't wait to take Turtle back next year, at the start of the season, when she will be able to help pick.

I'm not sure what she thought, but she loves being outside so at least she enjoyed that part.

Turtle grabbed the strawberry in my hand and smooshed it. I found it exciting.

 Turtle and I like to sit outside and watch the dogs stroll about for their morning backyard jaunt.
I have a hold of her arm in this picture, you just can't see me. She is getting better with her balance though and can maintain her upright position for a few seconds sans help.

Our daily tummy time and laundry folding routine. Coincidentally, I enjoy folding laundry as much as Turtle likes tummy time.

The hubs and I picked up a suction toy for Turtle's high chair entertainment. She hasn't touched it yet, but every time I spin it her eyes get huge and she flails her arms.

I'm loving the high chair. Eating with two hands? What is this magic?

Turtle gets to hang out on daddy's shoulders before he goes to work.

The play mat is still a fan favourite.

But, we usually end up in the jumperoo. She's advanced to the thinnest board game we own now too - has been for a few weeks, I just don't think I mentioned it before. She can reach the floor with the tippy tops of her toes, soon she won't need any board games.

We walked around outside and Turtle looked like she was about ready to pass out. We went inside and she got pissed off. So, we went back outside and she was happy again. Rinse and repeat all day.

Tummy time in the crib - terrible. Tummy time on great-grandma's bed - fantastic.

This does not look like a nap to me. Sleepy child in the arms, rolly-polly in the crib.

Daddy and Turtle sit in the grass, you know where the bugs are, and practice sittin' skills.

Ah-HA! I knew there was a nap just waiting to come out. It only took 4 hours to happen.

This is my cute little pink clean ball of joy getting ready for bedtime.

Turtle gets put down on her play mat or plunked into the jumperoo in the mornings so I can release the hounds and figure out something for breakfast. She was happily kicking on her back, I went into the kitchen to chop strawberries, I heard her quietly hitting the rattles, I chopped more strawberries, I peaked around the corner to check on her, there she is rolled on her tummy silently licking the tile floor.

Communicating with daddy via forehead in a green tutu.

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