Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sweet Sunday

April 28th - May 4th
also known as the week my in-laws came to visit!
 Aunt Arianne and Uncle Ian sent down a bag full of goodies for Turtle with Grandpa and Yia Yia. Along with super duper cute rompers was this Oball, the most magical rattle ever. The whole house was playing with this thing.

Grandpa and Yia Yia wore Turtle out. Not only her, but the dogs were pooped too.

Yia Yia also brought down a whole bunch of presents. Clothes and squirt toys for Turtle, and chocolates and a book for my grandma.

One of the presents was this little fisherman's hat that is just like dad's green one.

Turtle took her grandparents to the zoo on Monday.

This pictures cracks me up. I was looking through my pictures and this one caught my eye. The unedited picture has Turtle a decent distance away, but when I zoom in she looks like she is ready to chomp on the passing palm leaves. What a little shark.

Yia Yia and grandpa feed the birds at the zoo while Turtle casually sucks on her hat strap.

She did take a break from strap tasting on occasion to watch a bird though.

The whole group is entranced.

But, look at the reason! The baby jaguar and momma. This little guy was so cute sunning on top of his rock.

Turtle hung out with Yia Yia to start and then napped in grandpa's arms.

After the zoo and lunch, we all took a stroll along Crane Creek. No manatee sightings sadly.

It wouldn't be a trip to Florida without a beach day. The grandparents camped out a few miles south of us, so we drove down to spend the day getting eaten by no-see-ums, hanging out at the beach, and cooking on the grill.

Turtle fell asleep a few minutes after we got to the beach and she slept for a solid hour and a half - very unTurtle-like. But, I enjoyed her all cuddled up on my chest.

All smiles on daddy's shoulders back at the camp sight after a good nap and outfit change.

The men admiring their handy work.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and corn!

Turtle enjoyed herself. Her parents, however, got burnt to a crisp and 5,000 bug bites.

First morning in the high chair!

My little Minnie.
Taking a nap before the grandparents came over for the day.

Turtle's Uncle Matt, dad, Yia Yia, and grandpa.

Add in yours truly and great-grandma, minus dad.

Hanging out on the table at Crabby Bill's for a late lunch.

The hubs chowing down on some frog legs. Tastes just like chicken.

Turtle wasn't so sure about the frog legs.

Up bright and early to spend the day at St. Augustine. We left around 5:30 so we could arrive in time for Turtle's morning feeding. What a long day.
So, she is wearing her completely appropriate long sleeved, long pant legged. hooded outfit at breakfast here. Shortly thereafter she pooed all up the back. Her spare outfit was a short sleeved onesie. It was raining cats and dogs outside, windy as heck, and chilly. Mommy diaper bag packing fail!

Our solution was to bundle her up in a spare sweatshirt.
We took a trolley tour of the city, where we got nice and wet and chilled. Turtle slept the whole time bundle up in dad's arms. After that she enjoyed the St. Augustine History Museum with grandpa.

Taking the trolley to lunch. Turtle was awake this time and wasn't at all bothered with the wind and rain in her face. On the way home that evening after the grandparents left to head back to PA, we got stuck in a traffic jam for an extra hour and a half. Ugh. I love St. Augustine though, so a fun day in my book.

 I finally got to make a trip to the chocolate factory in St. Augustine. We brought back a whole bunch of yummies. I was showing Turtle the different coloured sea shell chocolates. She thought it looked good enough to eat. This one is key lime flavour.

 She is wearing one of the rompers that Aunt Arianne sent down, it has a little Maryland crab on it.
She was full of energy sitting on dad's lap, so she kept flopping to the side, throwing her hands up, and smiling giggling or squealing. It just doesn't get any cuter than that!

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