Monday, May 13, 2013

Recent Acquisitions

 Alternate title: Look At This Shiz I Got At Target The Other Day
1. So, this one night I wake up to Turtle crying. I go into her nursery and find her on her tummy up against the side of the crib with each leg sticking out a different slot. She wasn't amused, I thought it was funny as hell. But, I didn't really want it to repeat so the next day we got her a breathable mesh crib liner.
2. Rainbow spoons! 20ish days until ignition =)
3. Hand & Face wipes. These occasionally induce giggles when I clean under her chin, the rest of the times they induce crying.
4. Suction-y spin toy to suction onto the high chair. It is suction-erific!
5. The smallest cups we could find at Target. Also, probably the coolest.
6. Balmex - it had a dollar off coupon on it, see I coupon!
7. White chocolate MnM's - much larger in real life than the bag implies, and not very tasty.

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