Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day Recipe Ideas

 My ideal (first!) Mother's Day would be having a slow, relaxing day with a few lovely moments of me time and a lot of Turtle-y cuddles. On my Mother's Day wish list post, the relaxation suggestions are my faves. But, I would also love to have two hands to cook. I can have one hand whenever I want, it is the two hand part that gets tricky. So, a hot bath and an hour with a book followed by Turtle and the hubs hanging out while I have fun in the kitchen sounds like just the ticket. (...hint hint)
Below are some awesome looking recipes that would be perfect to try for Mother's Day. Make something special for your mom, or your children's mom, or for yourself as a tasty thank you for getting spit up on every day and not caring.

Breakfast ::
this crepes recipe with this cream filling along with assorted fresh fruit and whipped cream / this or this frittata / these waffles or these pancakes

 Lunch ::
this or this grilled cheese / any of these finger foods / this or this salad

Dinner ::
any pizza with this crust / make pot pie / try this beef & broccoli / or this pork loin with roasted vegetables

Dessert ::
these cookie dough cupcakes / these cake batter cookies / these minty brownies / this or this cake

photo credit: 1-The Novice Chef / 2-Two Peas & Their Pod / 3-myself / 4-Cook Like A Champion

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