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Historical-ness: The First Three Years

We left off last time with how the hubs and I met, and you can check that out here. I thought I'd continue our little history with the time between our meeting and moving to Colorado.

A day or two after our introduction, we met up and casually hung out. After a few of those, we had the talk. You know the one, do you want to wear my pin, lets go steady, I like like you do you like like me, etc. I was all...squee a boyfriend! I was 17 after all.

We spent that summer apart since Chris went back to Pennsylvania when school ended for the term. There were phone calls, and AIM chat sessions (ha, AIM the good old days). When he came back for the new term we just kind of fell in to place. I'd missed him, he'd missed me, it was nice being back together.

My senior year we rarely went more than a day without seeing each other. We mostly chilled at his dorm. Our go to date was Friendly's. We were big spenders like that. I did my senior year stuff, he did his sophomore year stuff - basically we were slackers. I failed physics. He failed calc 2. I got in to Tulane, in New Orleans - because I hadn't actually failed the rest of my classes.

Our first Christmas 'together' (not literally because Chris was in Pennsylvania and I was in Florida), Chris got both of us annual passes to Disney World. If that doesn't guarantee that you stay together for at least another year, I don't know what does! I've always loved Disney, but it was even better sharing it with Chris. And, I'm glad he fell in love with the magic as well.
Class of 2004 (I'm third from the left)
That summer we were kind of in limbo. There would literally be a gulf between us come fall. Should we do long distance, should we break up, should we play it by ear? We never ended up deciding ultimately.

My grandma and Chris helped me pack up and move to New Orleans at the end of summer. They helped me move all of my things into my (all girls) dorm. Then, I realized I did not want to, no, just no. They helped me move all of my things back out of my dorm. I un-accepted my position at Tulane. Partly because I wanted to stay with Chris and largely because I could not figure out tuition and financial aid to save my life. Honestly, I was utterly lost when it came to what I needed to pay and how I was going to get the money. Loans? What, when, how? etc.

When we got back to Florida - New Orleans was breathtaking by the way, it was fantastic being there even for a visit, and I can technically say I lived there too because I did for one whole day - I got in contact with my college counselor from high school and told her my situation. She made a call for me, and I swapped my Tulane acceptance in for a Florida Tech acceptance.

I'm not sure how things would have turned out if I had gone to Tulane. I've since figured out how tuition and loans and financial aid work, and I could have made it work at Tulane. I've actually never thought how different my life could have been if I had stayed. It isn't a regret I have.

So, I went to the same college as Chris. I lived at home. We stayed together. I majored in environmental studies. You know what environment studies involves? Chemistry. Way too much chemistry. You know what I really do not excel at? Chemistry. I didn't make it as far as physics, but it was on the course requirements list too. I hated Florida Tech. My favourite classes were history classes, not the science classes. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

That year or two was exceptionally hurricane heavy. When I was running around Tulane for orientation, I would mention that I was from Florida and people were very concerned about whichever recent hurricane we had had. At the start of term, we had another hurricane that closed Florida Tech and sent us to the other side of the state to ride it out. We had so many hurricane closures we either almost had to or had to make up the days by losing holiday breaks. The particulars are a little fuzzy. And, I'm sure everybody remembers Katrina the following year. Our area just got slammed over and over with hurricanes.

I mention the hurricane that sent us to the other side of Florida because it marks when Chris and I started living together. There was no electricity at my home, and living in a boarded up house with no A/C is miserable. Chris was living at his fraternity house at the time, and it still had power. I opted to stay at the fraternity house - yes, the bathrooms were a little scary.

So, I was a freshman hating my classes and Chris was a junior that realized he needed to get serious about his classes. We were busy, we had fun, we still had time left on our annual passes to Disney, there were parties, there was homework.
2nd Anniversary - April 2005
That summer Chris took me to Pennsylvania to stay with his parents. There were very large spiders, no A/C, and Chris had terrible allergies that involved him making terrible sounds all night long. But, there were also trips to DC and Philadelphia, Rita's, boating, and an adoption.

I had this crazy idea for us to get a dog. Too much time looking through the classifieds I think. Chris was all for it. We ended up getting a Beagle puppy the day before leaving to drive back to Florida. He had a name before we even met him too. Baxter, named after my dog Buster and Chris' dog Max.
Baxter - summer 2005
So, I started my sophomore year really hating my classes but with a new puppy to love and Chris became a busy senior with a part time job and an active role in his fraternity. We were even busier than the previous year, and sadly we didn't have an annual pass to escape to Disney with. We also got a playmate for Baxter from the local humane society. She was a hound mutt originally named Bailey, renamed Sassy, and ending up as Lizzy. She peed on the floor a lot, but eventually we got her housebroken...thank the Lord.
Baxter & Lizzy - spring 2006
I'm not sure where the idea originated from, but Chris was graduating soon and he wanted to move out of state, and I was seriously hating my major and I wanted to transfer to a different university. We made a list of states we thought would be fun to move to, and I researched universities in each. I applied to a few and was accepted to my top choice, the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Chris graduated with a degree in meteorology, and I didn't fail every class. I couldn't because I was accepted conditionally at the University of Colorado. We had celebrated three anniversaries, had expanded our family by two, and were poised to take our next adventure with a move across the country.

And, that brings our story up to the summer of 2006. Next up is life in Colorado.

I found pictures to accompany the post this time. Most of them are pre-digital camera though, aka kind of terrible quality. Plus, it took me so so long to figure out when they were taken. Definitely not longing for the days of film development.
Christmas 2005
Christmas 2005
3rd Anniversary - April 2006
Fraternity Formal - spring 2006

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