Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Every Day In May :: A Typical Day

Today's topic: A Day In The Life.

I went with last Friday, the 10th, as my example of a typical day. Actually it took me three days of attempts to finally remember to take pictures all day on Friday. So, without further ado, how we spend most days...

Occasionally (and lately more often because of the crib transition) Turtle will wake up around 3-5am. It just so happens the day I decided to take pictures all day for this post Turtle woke up around 3. I went in right away because she was making her distressed frantic cry, and found this.
Most of the time Turtle sleeps all night long though. Her mother is a big, big, big fan. Morning starts pretty consistently at 7:30. We get up, switch out a disposable for a cloth diaper, and breastfeed. Sometimes she will eat for 10 minutes, sometimes 40 minutes. Sometimes she will eat and be ready to go, sometimes she will fall back to sleep again until 9:00.
Next we release the hounds and feed the cat. Turtle and I enjoy hanging out with the dogs in the backyard most mornings.
Then it is my breakfast time. Turtle helps me with all the one-handed prep, and then plays with crinkle monkey in her bouncer while I do whatever else needs two hands. Since we had a nice stock of strawberries, I made pancakes to put them on...for three mornings in a row. Mmm.
Now that we have the high chair, I can eat breakfast in a relaxed manner with both hands while Turtle plays with whatever toy seems to be the favourite that morning.
After breakfast, depending on Turtle's mood, we either hang out in the jumperoo or on the activity gym if she is chill, or we go outside and meander around the yard with one of the dogs if she is grumpy. Or, we go outside if it is a cool morning regardless of mood - only so many of those left before summer really hits.
At 10:00 I plop Turtle in her crib for tummy time while I stuff inserts in freshly laundered cloth diaper shells. Sometimes she watches, sometimes she actually practices raising her chest off the mattress, and lots of times she screams. I clock her for 10 minutes, and occasionally she will scream herself into a nap. I do a silent happy dance and then find something productive to do - like check facebook. If she isn't sleeping after 10 minutes then we go back to the jumperoo, activity gym, or walking outside routine.
This time she went with the nap.
A quick thirty minutes later she is up.
She politely declined jumperoo time.
Instead we sat on the table and practiced sitting and grabbing everything. This will entertain her for twenty minutes or longer. She felt toasty so she went au naturale for a little bit.
When table sitting gets boring, we go outside for our daily porch sweeping. The ants like to think the covered porch is theirs. Turtle and I sweep out their dammed ant piles regularly.
Turtle likes being outside so she usually lets me sit with her on my lap for a little bit. She especially likes it if the dogs are being entertaining.
Depending on when Turtle wakes up, she eats lunch four hours after breakfast. Usually 11:30. I clearly like to get in some important computer-ing at this time. If she didn't nap after tummy time, then she will fall asleep right after eating. We snuggle for a few minutes and then I put her in her crib. Again, it is about a thirty minute nap, but sometimes an hour or so. She slept almost until the hubs woke up at 1:00 this time. I tend to grab something easy for lunch during this time frame too.
We go in and tell daddy good morning, help feed the dogs, feed the cat again, and stare at the ceiling fan.
From 1:00 to 3:30, we either rotate between walking outside and the jumperoo or activity gym, or we run any errands. The jumperoo followed by the library and Target were on the agenda this time. Sometimes a second nap might take place, especially if the 10:00 nap happened.
At 3:30, give or take half an hour, Turtle gets a quick afternoon snack feeding. This time I fed her in the car after Target just shy of 4:00. Rarely she will fall asleep and get put down in the crib, but most of the time she is done feeding in less than 10 minutes and ready to go. We waited to change her diaper until we got home though, car diaper changes are never pleasant.

After Turtle's afternoon snack, we pick from the rotation of jumperoo, activity gym, table sitting, or walking outside. If she played in her jumperoo earlier in the day, I usually try to get her to play on her activity gym in the evening, and visa versa. If daddy is picking from the rotation it will usually be a walk outside to look at the fish in the canal. Sometimes we will put a movie on and play scrabble while taking turns playing with Turtle. She is really into standing recently, so she usually gets in a lot of practice on her legs in the evening. Occasionally, I will even make dinner.
By 6:00 Turtle is entering her fussy stage and we are usually outside trying to distract her from remembering she is pissed off. Sitting on daddy's shoulders and watching the dogs tends to work. But, sometimes nothing will appease her and she fusses and cries until bath time. And, sometimes she is a perfectly angelic little girl. One never knows.
At 6:45 I start her bedtime routine. She gets a bath while dad starts the cloth diapers, gets dressed in fresh pj's and a disposable, sends daddy off to work, then gets dinner. She has her longest feeding at night, and normally takes until about 8:00. Then I put her in the crib, turn on her sound machine, and sneak out of the nursery.
Then I get to shower, and/or eat, let the dogs out once more and shuffle the cat to bed, and crawl into bed with my laptop and a movie before passing out (usually later than I mean to).


  1. Cute babies are cute. Wish I had your breakfast.

    1. I just picked up more strawberries so that I can have them on pancakes again tomorrow. It's a delicious addiction!


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