Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog Every Day In May :: Short Term Memory

Today's topic: A list of links to your favourite posts in your archives.

Sweet Turtle Soup is only three months old, so there isn't a whole lot of history to wander through yet. But, I went back through every post and these are my faves.

Turtle's welcome to the world story - the very first post, and I am so so glad I wrote it down within the first few days of her arrival because it is already hard to recall not even 6 months later. Fair warning it is detailed.

1 month / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 - I love looking at her month-day pictures. It is amazing to see her grow and change each month - I am partial though.

St. Patrick's Day & Easter & Mother's Day

Cloth Diapering part 1 & 2 -These posts took a lot of time and effort, and I hope somebody someday will stumble upon them and find them useful.

A future apology to Turtle - When I started writing with this concept in mind I didn't realize how sentimental it would be to me. I absolutely love watching Turtle grow, it is downright amazing seeing her learn, develop, and figure things out. But, it is hard to imagine her as a toddler, let alone a teenager. I think it will be as challenging for me as it is for her going through the harder parts of growing up. I hope to be able to give her the right advice and to also step back and let her work things out for herself. Re-reading this post I can think of so many more things to add, and maybe I will one day.

A typical day - I found it interesting to actually think about how we spend our days. Our late afternoons are willy-nilly, while mornings are more structured. And, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

Not a favourite persay, but I have the most fun putting together my Window Shopping posts.

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