Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Today's topic: What do you miss?

I had a few things swirling around in my head for this post. But, I asked the hubs what he thought I missed a lot and he responded with snow. It just so happens one of those swirling ideas was seasons; snow fits right in.

The hubs and I lived in Boulder, Colorado for four years while I attended university. Prior to that I had lived in Florida for my whole twenty years of life. When we moved, my eyes were opened to the changing of the seasons. Sure I'd been to other states and played in the snow plenty of times and seen all the pretty trees displaying red, orange, and yellow leaves. But, I had never gotten to watch the slow progress of the seasons; the way the air changes and how you can feel the shift. I loved it.

I was an overenthusiastic toddler every single time it snowed. It never got old. It was sometimes a pain in the ass, but it never got old. Okay, I did hate sunshine and snow - that is just code for going blind. But, that morning, when you wake up and your bones are chilled and you look out the window to see pristine fluffy white sparkling snow - magic. It was even more magical if I didn't have to go to class that day.

The fall, however, was my favourite love. When the evening air started to get that sharp crisp feel and it smelled of the woods, that was hands down the best. Then the leaves turned, and it was truly spectacular. It makes me want to wear boots and a sweater just thinking about it.

The thing about the spring that surprised me the most was that when it rained, it was cold rain. The first year in Colorado, when spring hit I was all like yay warm weather Imma wear flip flops. Then it rained and my feet were frozen, and friends in my classes were like why on earth are you wearing flip flops? Well, because the rain in Florida is just not cold. Lesson learned. Wear shoes. The spring is not something you can witness by a visit. It is much more subtle and sudden. One day there is nothing, and the next day a flower has bloomed.

Prior to living in Colorado and not having seasons, it didn't matter. Then, I found out what I was missing, and what I was missing was awesome. Now that we are back in Florida, I really notice the absence of seasons and I very much miss them.

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