Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Every Day In May :: Good Reads

I am an avid blog follower. People are so creative and talented at cooking or crafting or makeup-ing or baby gear reviewing, and then sharing it with the world. I love reading what everybody else is up to. Writing is therapeutic and blogging is a fantastic means of channeling that writing energy. And, it can be a lot of fun.
I stumbled into the blogging community around three years ago and I've come to love several blogs. Some I've been following since the beginning and others I just discovered. So, I thought I would share my favourites. Maybe you will find a new blog love.

Top Five - 
  •  Annie's Eats - Annie's is my go to blog for any recipe. She is so talented at creating beautiful sweets and delicious family meals. She seems like the type of person you'd want to have as a sister. She comes across as completely genuine and warm.
  •  Table for Two - Julie's blog is full of mouth-watering photography. She seems like the type of person you'd want to be best friends with. Her blog is full of life and fun. And, she just got married!
  •  Little Baby Garvin - Jessica's blog is all about her too cute for words little girl, Harper. She is a woman after my own heart - football fan, lover of cocktails, and decorates like it is her job. Plus, her hair is way pretty. Jealous.
  •  Strawberry Swing and other Things - Erinn's blog showcases her adorable little one, Ashlynn. She is wonderfully crafty, and has beautifully simple taste. I also love the outfits she dresses Ashlynn in.
  •  My Soul is the Sky - I just recently happened upon Melissa's blog, but I'm already a fan. I love her makeup tutorials, she should totally do mine. And, she can braid hair like none other - I can't even french braid. Plus, I love that she and her husband fly. She also seems like the type of person you'd want to have as a sister.
I read so many blogs that it is hard to narrow it down, but the following ones I find myself checking on the regular. And, if you find yourself keeping tabs on 79 blogs, like me, you might want to organize them with bloglovin or another blog reader. I know people have been using Google Reader forever, but I didn't even know what it was until I heard it was shutting down. I tried out feedly and bloglovin, and hated (loathed) feedly so ended up sticking with bloglovin (and it is awesome).

Food blogs -
Baby/Pregnancy/Momma blogs -
Today's topic is technically 'publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends'. But, I don't actually have any blogger friends. This is only my third month at this, so maybe one day? Instead I thought I would list several of my favourite blogs that I follow on a daily basis.

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