Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog Every Day In May :: 280 words

Story Of My Life issued a Blog Every Day In May challenge. I thought it would be fun, although I didn't read through all of the topics. So I am jumping right in with "the story of your life in 250 words".

I was born in Florida on March 31, 1986, and adopted by my grandparents shortly thereafter. They raised me and gave me lots of loving. We always had a family weenie dog, took a lot of trips to Ohio to visit family, and spent time at Disney and other various tourist destinations in the Orlando area (Splendid China anyone?). My Papa was a hard worker and picture taker enthusiast all of his life. He sadly passed away from lung cancer before I met my husband, graduated high school and college, and had Turtle. He would have been a fantastic great-Papa and head over heels about Turtle. My grandma always let me sit on her lap when I wasn't feeling well, even after I was much too big for it. Now she lets Turtle sit on her lap.

I met my husband as a junior in high school, and we've been together for a little over a decade now. Adopting pets is our favourite souvenir. We got our beagle on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family. We got our hound mutt when we lived in Florida. We got our kitty-cat when we lived in Colorado. I think we are at max capacity for pets now.

My husband asked me to marry him over french fries in 2008 and we got around to getting married on April 12, 2011. Our gift to each other was an annual pass to Disney. We spent our first year married running to Disney World every chance we got. Our second year married we got pregnant and became first-time parents. Now we run around with our little girl, and I am dying to take her to Disney for the first time.

Well, that ended up being 280 words...I guess I am just a babbler.

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