Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers - week two

 April 8th - 14th

Turtle got shots at her 4 month check-up. Poor baby - although she got over it quickly.

Somebody is ready for nap time. Actually everybody in this picture is ready for nap time.

This kid loves to be outside. Sporting daddy's handmade onesie too!

 Everybody taking a rest in the 5 inches of shade provided by the shed.

 The many faces of Turtle.

Practicing so hard at grabbing her keys!

We went out to the Irish pub for our 2nd wedding anniversary. Turtle was so good. She dozed most of the meal and then sat on daddy's lap to scope out the joint. 

 Trying out our zoo membership. I'm not sure Turtle saw much more than people, but it was a fun trip nonetheless.

Turtle enjoyed eating sand this beach trip.

 We got in several outings this week, but there was plenty of playtime too. I find it cute when she plays on her side instead of her back.

So much sitting practice. It is the best watching her get stronger. She just needs a little hand holding for balance.

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