Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers - week one

April 1st-7th

I think we have the worst luck with timing our beach trips. Every previous trip we've ended up arriving later than planned and realizing our mistake when the air beach side is chilly. Nice enough for a quick walk, but too cold for toe dipping. This time we went right in front of a storm. We did get to hang out for a bit before it started to rain though.

Turtle watching dad taking pictures of her playing with her take-along tunes device. And, shortly thereafter whacking it onto the floor.

We often hang out on the dining room table in skivvies practicing hand eye coordination.Who doesn't?

 Turtle has upgraded to the shorter Simpson's Battle of the Sexes game box.

She naps so dammed adorably. It is a shame it never lasts longer...

 I think it suits her.

Turtle is sporting her Salve onesie from her godmother, the Latin teacher (it's not's just Roman around - yeah, I went there).

Thanks for stop-ping by...

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