Thursday, April 18, 2013

4th Month Favourites - Old & New

The only new item introduced this month was the Rainforest Jumperoo. And, she loves it. It is my go to place to put her when I need to get some things done, such as switch a load of never-ending laundry or wash a couple of dishes. But, more often than not I get distracted watching her play because she is so damn cute. I slide her chubby little legs in the holes and before I even turn on the lights and sounds she has a huge smile on her face. It is so entertaining watching her pop around and coo. And, it is particularly funny when all of a sudden she reaches the end of her attention span and locks her legs straight out and then throws herself back and forth. She will hang out in her Jumperoo for up to around 30 minutes. Well worth a registry spot in my opinion.

Now onto an updated review of all the previous favourites...

Burp clothes - Still an absolute must. I've got 5 stashed throughout the house so I always have one nearby. Turtle is a spitter up-er. And, an insane drooler. Couldn't do without a nice pile of these.

Soothies - She won't take them anymore, flat out refuses. I'm not even sure where they have disappeared to. I wouldn't add them to the registry, and the hospital gave us two anyway. If your baby ends up being soothed with sucking they are an easy pick up at the store.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - I always tuck her in bed at night with one but we've stopped swaddling. I love knowing they are breathable especially since her move to the nursery. We have 8 of these bad boys, but 4 would have been perfect.

Miracle Blanket - Again we aren't swaddling any longer, but I think they will make a come back when I transition her to the crib (when I'm brave enough). I'd still include one of these type of swaddles on a registry. Probably interchangeable with a Halo Sleepsack or the Woombie.

Itzbeen - I still use it but Turtle has gotten into a pretty regular feeding routine so its not as important as it was with the sleep deprived feeding schedule. But, now I also use the diaper timer set at 1.5 hours since cloth diapers are more pleasant changed often (read completely saturated insert). I still suck at remembering what time it was that I last changed her with a full night of sleep. I would definitely recommend getting one.

Boppy - Can't do without it, no way no how. On the occasions that the boppy isn't with me my arms get wicked tired holding Turtle at the right height. And, why on earth would I choose hands-on when it is so much more pleasant and downright cuddly with the Boppy?

Rock 'n Play - Baby girl is still sleeping in it at night, and I've been putting her down to nap in the crib. I love that I can snap it up and slide it out of the way. I haven't worked up the courage to transition her to the crib yet, so it is still a well-loved piece of baby gear around here.

Sleep Sheep - I love it, but I wish it played all night. Hubs gets home from work at 4am and sometimes his comings and goings wake her up. It is adorable, but I'd probably skip it and get a sound machine if I had to do it all over again.

Footed Sleepers - Still my go to clothing choice. They are 7,964 times easier than a onesie, pants AND socks (rough estimate) and it's just now warming up enough for only the onesie. I have, however, broadened my tastes to zippered ones. It is so much easier to zip up an unhappy baby than button up one, but buttons make diaper checks easier. So, it's all personal preference. I wouldn't add clothing to a registry though because everybody loves shopping for baby clothes. And, it is extra fun to buy some baby clothes yourself. I like to have a nice 7 footed sleepers on hand. They're practically all Turtle wears.
Bouncer - It gets used for bathroom breaks and quick two handed tasks about the same as before. It is a convenience, but doesn't see a lot of action. Turtle didn't care for the bouncing, but you never know until baby arrives. Some babies love it, so I hear. Personally I'd skip it and opt for the sweet looking mamaRoo.

Bumbo - Still loving the bumbo but it doesn't get used quite as often. I sometimes put her in it and then set it next to the Activity Mat. That way she can whack the dangle toys while sitting when she has no interest in laying.

Satsuma Baby Mittens - Yes, yes, yes. Edward Scissorhands baby. She wears them every night. They never fall off.

Activity Gym - I love it even more, and use it even more. The snap up feature is the shit, but I still fail at twisting it into a nice neat package. It leans against the corner all the same!

Mei Tai Carrier - Turtle refuses to go in it. She prefers to face outward and screams bloody murder if I try to snuggle her to my chest in the Mei Tai...dammit. It totally bums me out because I love the Mei Tai. I'd recommend getting a more versatile carrier such as the BabyBjorn Original or if you have room to splurge the Beco Gemini. I've been longing for the Gemini since I did a little baby carrier research.

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