Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3rd Month Favourites

Bouncer - One of the only things Turtle will hang out in while I cook or shower or whatever. She doesn't care about the vibrations or the music. Instead, she chills in it and watches the dogs or me or stares at the french doors or sometimes her flying monkeys. It lives at the intersection between the living room, the hallway (read bathroom), the dining room, and the kitchen. I can unceremoniously plop her in there and do things that require two hands. Occasionally it gets shoved in the bathroom for shower time, which coincidentally lasts about as long as Turtle will sit contentedly in it - 10 to 15 minutes. (I own the SnugaMonkey bouncer of the first link, but I think this one is super cute too...and cheaper!)

Bumbo - I endlessly debated whether or not I wanted to buy a bumbo. Turtle sits in her bouncer, but it isn't for that long of a time. So, I wasn't sure I wanted to spend 45 bucks on a short lived product she might not want to sit in at all. I kept my eyes open for a second hand one, but it never popped up. Eventually, the hubs and I decided to use a toys r us gift card to just buy the damn thing. Immediately it was one of my favourite things to put Turtle in. I put her in it and we sing and talk, or she looks around at everything especially the fan or the dogs. And, she is so stinking cute in it. Plus it is her favourite place to poo. I'll have to look into their potty training chair when the time comes. I was unlucky in the second hand department, but I would still recommend trying to get one that way. It is nicely sanitize-able, and has such a quick turn over that there has to be a decent used supply out there.

Satsuma Baby Mittens -I stopped swaddling Turtle when we moved her into her nursery from our bedroom. Mainly because I'm lazy. But, her little razors were free to maul her face. So, I started putting her mittens on at bedtime. Actually, I forget a nice chunk of the time and end up having to put them on her after she falls asleep, which is akin to the caution used while diffusing a bomb. I'm getting better about remembering...I think. They stay on, and she doesn't seem to mind them and she sucks on them the same as she would her fingers. Now if I could just keep her from trying to tear her flesh off while she's awake. (Cut her nails, you say? I do. I check them every morning.)

Activity Gym -The activity gym is hands down her favourite entertainment source after her people and the dogs. She especially likes the crinkly material on her dangle lion, and the mirror. She can spend a decent amount of time hanging out on the floor with this. When she starts to get a little restless, I spin her to another side so she can have a different view. The one we own is nice because it snaps up and can be shoved in a corner (thanks mom!). It actually velcros into a bundle too, but I had no idea how to do it until I just watched the video in the link...learning new things all the time!

Mei Tai carrier -Turtle hates getting put into the mei tai, but settles down as soon as all the flaps are tied and I start moving. Hubs likes strapping her on and taking her on walks around the yard or through the neighborhood. I like strapping her on and cooking or cleaning or being semi-productive in general. She'll quietly watch whats going on, or fall asleep.

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