Sunday, March 24, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Turtle woke up bright and early for Valentine's Day. I hate mornings, but it allowed me to feed her and then start breakfast before the hubs even got home from work. Turtle was so content hanging out in her Rock N Play in the dining room. She even let everybody eat their breakfast before getting tired of laying on her own.
I made a heart shaped breakfast of eggs in toast, bacon, and a mini sausage sandwich for hubs. He brought home a red rose for both Turtle and me. I'm thinking it will be more exciting next year to make a heart shaped breakfast for Turtle as well! I have tentative plans for heart shaped pancakes, and a pink smoothie. How do you like the Thanksgiving turkey placemats that graced the dining room table for a solid third of the year? I could make up an excuse, but really I'm just lazy.

I'm still pondering what other kinds of holiday shenanigans we can get up to to make the day extra special. The holidays this year are semi on the back burner because Turtle is so little, or at least these early ones are, but I'd love to go all out when she is a tad bit older. After breakfast we did little else celebratory except for keeping Turtle in hearts and pink. It was business as usual around these parts, which meant taking a slew of pictures of my favourite little girl and general keeping-her-alive-ness.

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