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1st & 2nd Month Favourites

These are the items that the hubs and I found especially useful over the course of Turtle's first and second month. It is not an all inclusive list. You would still need basics like diapers and a car seat.
1st & 2nd Month Baby Gear Favorites
Burp cloths - I'm usually surrounded by about three birth cloths at any moment of the day. They are beyond necessary for cleaning up spit-up, drool, projectile pee/poo, milk mustache, boogers, saliva from random latch attempts on your collar bone, etc. I've also been known to drape one over her head so I can eat while she eats without dropping crumbs all over her face. We purchased a dozen newborn sized prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers (because they are super duper absorbent), and we were gifted three Gerber brand burp cloths, but the demand can overtake the supply pretty quickly so the more the merrier in this department.

Soothies - For when you just need her to wait another 10 minutes before feeding her...aka please stop screaming. We haven't tried any other brand of pacifier, because I have enough trouble keeping track of the two the hospital sent home with us and I have enough random ass tiny things to wash on a daily/hourly basis.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - One word: breathable. Also known as peace of mind at night when she wiggles and squirms around until the blanket ends up over part of her face, you can have that thing folded in 10 layers and still breathe through it just fine. I use these to swaddle her at night, to tuck around her for a nap or when she is in her car seat, to cover her up when she eats and the fan is on, to drape over various furniture to shade her face from the lights, or even as a burp cloth in a pinch.

Miracle Blanket - The complicated yet easier swaddle. The hubs is partial to this one. There are so many flaps and tucks and pouches that help keep Turtle tightly swaddled. For those times you want a serious swaddle. The Aden + Anais swaddles are much easier to break out of (especially if you suck at step 2 in the swaddle process), but are my swaddle of choice. The miracle blanket is too much like wrapping your baby up in a straight jacket for my taste, but it does do the trick. If I wasn't such a pansy I'd probably prefer these over the A+A swaddles.

Itzbeen - Such a basic device that one might think it is unneeded. But, it is amazing how simple addition becomes physics when you are running on 1.5 hours of sleep and are completely overwhelmed at your new tiny bundle of responsibility. "Wait, has it been 3 hours? When did I pump/feed last? How long has she been sleeping? I swear I looked at the clock, but where were those hands pointing? Crap." Plus there is an alarm, which was worth its weight in diapers the first couple of weeks when the wee little one needed to eat every 3 hours because her weight gain wasn't yet satisfactory. I tried to use my phone at first, you know just set an alarm for every 3 hours starting at 8....except god dammit if something didn't screw up her feeding schedule daily and I was resetting all those alarms multiple times. Now that she can go more than 3 hours it is my favourite thing ever because I'll hear her cry out and I just have to look over at the itzbeen to know if she is just fussing or is actually ready to eat. And, because hubs takes her when he gets home from work in the morning and feeds her a bottle for her next feeding, he doesn't have to wake me up to know when she ate last - grab the baby, grab the itzbeen, leave mommy alone to catch a few more precious hours of sleep.

Boppy - Just fantastic for positioning Turtle for a feeding. I can plop her down on the pillow, get her latched on, and then angle her body just right so that it is a hands free meal. Then I can read, eat, comb my hair, fiddle around on the internet etc. I used a pillow while she was in the NICU and I always had to have a hand to support her position - not so convenient.

Rock 'n Play - She loves her rock n play. I love her rock n play. She was in it in our room for the first 8 weeks, and now she is in it in her nursery. When G-Gma babysits it gets carried out to the living room so she can put Turtle down. When she is ready for a nap she gets put down in it. When I made Christmas cookies it got dragged out to the kitchen so I could keep a paranoid new mommy eye on her. It folds up people! She is the least fussy when she goes in it, and it is inclined making it easier on her horking. Also the worry about mold? Have you not heard of the washing machine? You have to do laundry every other day anyway, just toss the rock 'n play fabric in too. I assumed this was common sense, like not leaving your baby in a Bumbo on top of a ladder.

Sleep Sheep - First of all, this thing is awesome. Second of all, the heartbeat noise is quite possibly the scariest sound ever and there is no way I could fall asleep to that, it sounds like it belongs in a friggin' horror movie. I prefer the ocean waves setting, thank you very much. It gets put on anytime she sleeps and it gets pushed again if she gets fussy well before her nighttime feeding range (like seriously 2 hours child, get thee back to sleep). My friend the sheep has helped her get to 6.5 hours between feedings at night consistently. And, it helps her get a solid nap in during the day instead of cat napping, which makes her overtired and pissed off. So, longer sleep for mommy at night and a non-pissed-off baby - yes.

Footed Sleepers - You know what babies/Turtle hates? Things that go over their head, especially if you hook an ear or it gets caught on a nose. Then you end up with a screaming baby while you try to wrangle arms in holes. So, in my opinion, the first couple of months are stressful enough without adding a troublesome clothing option. Footed sleepers - you lay baby on top of it, pop appendages in holes, and button/zip up. I prefer the buttons to the zips.You can change a diaper by just unbuttoning the bottom, but if you have a zipper you have to unzip the whole thing and risk loosey goosey arms popping out. Overall, footed sleepers are just the more practical and easier way to go. Save over-the-head clothing for after you find your new parent rhythm and are ready for new challenges, and if you want to take it up a notch try the kind with buttons around the neck that you forget about the next time you take it off and are extra confused as to why things are just not working.

1st & 2nd Month Baby Gear Favorites
Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - I couldn't go without these at all, period. The leaking! My God! Don't leave home without these, or go to bed either - unless you want to wake up half covered in breast milk (along with your sheets). glamorous.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier Bra - Because Turtle ended up in the NICU, I had to exclusively pump for the first week...every three hours around the clock. I didn't have this for the couple of days I was in the hospital, so I just had to sit there and hold the pump parts to my boobs for 15-20 minutes of boredom. When I got home I broke the hands free bra out and it was instantly my most favourite inanimate object ever. Your hands! They are free! For the internet surfing, or the book reading, or the food eating, or (when Turtle came home) the baby holding...hell you could pump while feeding your baby a bottle. Even now that I don't pump exclusively I still love this bra - another plus, you can zone out and not have to worry about losing suction if you move your hand position and not realize it until you have dribbled breast milk down your stomach soaking through both your shorts and underwear (hypothetically speaking of course...).

Lamaze Sleep Bra For Nursing - Do you want to sleep in underwire? I didn't think so. So much more comfortable than a regular bra. I wear mine all the time. 

Coffee - Pretty self-explanatory.

1st & 2nd Month Baby Gear Favorites

Dermoplast - Pain relieving spray. This made things much more pleasant. I also used the witch hazel pads and the little foaming thing, but meh the spray helped the most. Just say yes when the nurses ask you if you'd like something to help with the pain; my general rule throughout all of labor, delivery, and recovery.

Squirt bottle (lavette bottle) - Yeah, there was no way I was wiping anything down there for a couple of weeks.

Stool softener - Taking that first dump has to be the most dreaded of the postpartum lineup. Like, you know, I vividly remember the last time I pushed in that general area and it really kind of sucked balls so I'm not 100% sure I'm up for another round. Dulcolax? Yes, please! The only one of the three that the hospital doesn't send you home with, so no need to stock up on the first two.

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  1. I laughed so hard about the stool softener. I went through that dreaded process too and I swear it wasn't pretty. They really don't tell you so much about postpartum, but there is so much to know and learn.


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