Friday, March 24, 2017

Lincoln | FOUR months

Here we are, four months of Lincoln. I can actually say that the past month has gone past slowly. For once. The time between putting an offer on our new home and making it to the closing date felt like at least 17 weeks. So, I have found the key to making the baby days last a bit longer. Buy a house!

At the same time I cannot believe that the newborn days are already past us. I already miss having my little guy sleeping the day away on my lap. But, at the same time I adore each new development and milestone. It is such a joy to watch a new little life unfold all over again. So similar to Aria and completely different at the same time.

Sweet Turtle Soup : Lincoln | FOUR months

We are in 6 month clothes across the board, and size 2 diapers. The plan is to transition into cloth diapers sometime in the near future, once all the life/moving things have settled back down.

Weight: to be added
Birth: 7 lbs 1 oz
Height: 25.5 inches
Birth: 20.5 inches

Lincoln is still exclusively breastfeeding. He eats between 7-8 in the morning, then again around 10. He likes to eat second breakfast pretty close to first breakfast apparently. His next two feedings are more flexible, but I try to stick to feeding him right around 5 so that he is ready to eat again around 8 for his bedtime meal.

He can get distracted sometimes while he is eating because he wants to chat with me. Or, maybe he just finds me funny because he usually looks up at me with a big grin. I'll talk to him for half a minute then he goes back to eating. Adorable.

He has become very interested in watching us eat at dinnertime. Most of the time I perch him on my knee and he stares Chris down while he eats. We won't be starting solids until 6 months, but I feel like he is going to enjoy that stage. He is still a bit too wobbly for sitting in his high chair, but I'm looking forward to popping him in it while we eat in the next month or so. How are we so close to this stage already?

Sweet Turtle Soup : Lincoln | FOUR months

Lincoln has found his feet! Another baby stage favorite of mine, but really what stage isn't my favorite? They are all so adorable. He hasn't figured out that he can get his toes in his mouth, but he holds on to them for all he is worth. Diaper changes just got more exciting. Combine his ceaseless leg kicking with the foot grabbing and the butt's like wrestling an alligator. He gets me every time with the butt lifts. Aria never did such a thing. But, I go to pull the front of his diaper up to his belly and next thing I know I have the whole diaper because he lifted his tush off the changing table. He is such a little comedian already.

We also have laughing! My favorite of the favorites! He is especially prone to the giggles if you tickle under his chin. (Just like his big sister) And, I die. It's so much fun to get him to laugh. A few weeks ago I spent my days trying to get as many smiles as I could from him, and now I'm trying to get as many giggles as I can from him.

There is also rolling from both back to front and front to back. He has gotten a good bit of practice during our move. He will stick his tongue out a wee bit and blow raspberries, which cracks me up. Especially because he seems so proud of himself when he does it. And, he has gotten fairly decent at grabbing for things. He is showing a lot of interest in the dangle toys and such hanging from every baby thing ever.

Lincoln's jumperoo got set up when we moved and he takes a whirl in it daily. He hasn't figured out that he can jump yet, but he is captivated by the spinning wheel with the beads in it. He puts his face right in it and gets his little hands grasping at it. Since he is wobbly in it I tuck a couple hand towels around him for support.

His new favorite sound is a cooing type noise. It's just the cutest thing that he immediately stops whenever I attempt to record it. Naturally. His second favorite sound is a screech. When he gets so excited he just has to let it out. Between the cooing and the screeching and the giggling I could just eat him up. I love him so.

Sweet Turtle Soup : Lincoln | FOUR months

We need some curtains in the bedroom stat. When the sun comes up so does this little guy. We had them blocked out in our old bedroom and Lincoln almost always slept in until Aria ever so quietly (read: very loudly) came into my bed when her light turned green. Now he is up around 7. I miss that extra 45 minutes.

He is also having a harder time falling asleep at night. Lots of thrashing about until finally settling down for the night. Thankfully when he gets to sleep he is usually up just the one time. Less with the sleeping through the night lately, but if that is the worst of the '4 month sleep regression' I'll take it. He is also still in the dockatot in our bed, but I've been transitioning him to taking naps in his dockatot in his crib during the day. Sometime between now and 6 months he will be making the switch to sleeping in his own room. I'm not ready just yet, but at the same time I'm looking forward to a bit more wiggle room at night.

The naps are pretty consistent at 3 times per day. The lengths vary a good bit though. I am always delightfully surprised when he naps for an hour and a half. Keep it up kiddo. Now if only Aria would take a nap too...

Sweet Turtle Soup : Lincoln | FOUR months

Well, he was my little dark haired baby but it all fell out and now it's more light brown/blonde. Aria started out with super duper blonde hair that is still slowly getting darker, just like mine did when I was little. So, I'm wondering how Lincoln's hair will end up.

He is all about holding and cuddling something soft when he sleeps, especially for naps. I'll tuck him in with his softest swaddle and he hugs it to his chest or pulls it up over his face, good thing it is breathable. Or, alternatively he will hug his wubanub. Aria never had a lovey as a baby, so I'm finding this particularly sweet.

He is no longer a fan of the swaddling. He will fight it tooth and nail if I try to swaddle him at bedtime. Sometimes I'll swaddle him with one arm in and that is hit or miss. But, if I just tuck his swaddle blanket around him sometimes he flails it over his face which angers him at night...not at nap time just night time because sure. Maybe a sleep sack? We've never used one for either kid. Thoughts?

I think his favorite part of bath time is peeing.

Aria is still his favorite person. I'm looking forward to him scooting around after her one of these days.

He loves to look out windows and be outside, but he isn't as content out and about like Aria was. I never had any worries bringing Aria anywhere because she loved to people watch and was happy as a clam doing so. With Lincoln it is hit or miss. When he is grumpy, he is grumpy.

Diaper changes, however, are one of his favorite things. He can be fussy but when I change his diaper he will be all smiles. As soon as I'm done he is back to being fussy.

His little chunky legs are getting a workout because he loves to stand.

Still hates loud sneezes.

Sweet Turtle Soup : Lincoln | FOUR months

Sweet Turtle Soup : Lincoln | FOUR months


  1. Oh my goodness look at his chunk! I can't even with that! I feel like four months is peek chunking. I miss babies!!

  2. He is the sweetest little guy!! Cam was the same way with light but now it doesn't bother him. Whew!! Can't believe he's 4 months old already.

  3. He is so cute! I love the picture of him holding his toes!

  4. So cute! Ah, I miss the baby days. When they discover new things all the time, it's so fun! Liana was in our room for the first 7 months and I loved it, but it was nice to get her in her own room after that. And a big thumbs up for sleep sacks! Both girls used them, and Liana will probably use hers for a long time yet. It's one of those things where they know it's bedtime, and keeps them cozy :)

  5. FOUR?! What in the world?!
    Month four just might have been my favorite of the baby stages (but, I loved them all, honestly). The feet grabbing - gah! The giggles - yes! So much fun as they start to discover more of the world around them. And, Marcus TOTALLY loved peeing at bath time. HA!

  6. Goodness he is so happy & handsome! Blackout curtains have always been such a lifesaver in our house. Especially as the sun is just rising earlier & earlier now!

  7. Happy 4 months, sweet boy! He is such a cutie!

  8. He seriously couldn't be any cuter if he tried! So sweet! What a fun recap, but I still can't believe he's 4 months old already!! Wish we could get time to slow down a bit...these kids grow much too quickly if you ask me! ;)


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