Friday, February 24, 2017

Lincoln | THREE months

Each new month has gone past more quickly than the previous. I hope this trend doesn't continue. Gah! Lincoln looks so big already. It's mind boggling to look back at his newborn pictures. He was so tiny, and that was such a short time ago. Bittersweet.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

We have moved on from 3 month sleepers into 6 month sizes. But, he can still fit into the 3 month onesies. Barely. We also moved up to size 2 diapers.

Weight: 13 lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 1 oz
Height: 24 inches
Birth: 20.5 inches

Lincoln has been going a bit longer between feedings lately. Before it was every 1.5 hours to 2 hours during the day, but now he tends to nurse every 2 to 3 hours. He hasn't really settled into a consistent schedule yet. I just follow his whims. He is great about only waking up once or occasionally twice per night to eat if he wakes up at all.

He tends to conk out after a feeding but we've been working on sticking to the eat, play, sleep schedule instead. He always give me such dazzling smiles and animated chats after nursing, so that is incentive enough to encourage him to stay awake.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

It's so sweet to watch him follow Aria around with his eyes and then crane his neck to find her if she goes out of his line of sight. If she doesn't come back quickly enough he voices his displeasure. Nothing can soothe him out of a funk like his big sister.

I swear this little guy has abs of steal. He is not into laying down these days, especially on a lap. He will practically sit himself up if you put him on his back. And, he scared the life out of me the other day when I put him in his rocking chair so that I could put in Trolls for the 200th time for Aria. I sat him down, turned around to grab the DVD, looked back and he had sat himself up before flopping his head onto his feet. I fixed him and he proceeded to do the exact same thing again. So, he has had the rocking ability on his chair rescinded. It has a little kick stand that leans the chair back into more of a cradle. He still does crunches in it, but he can't flop himself out of it at least.

He makes a sound that is so close to a laugh. It's like a goofy chuckle. It's not quite laughing, but maybe it is a step in that direction. So much squealing too! The ah-goos, and the squeals, and the pretend chuckles, and his sad 'hey' sounds. The sweetest little voice. Hands down my favorite baby thing...probably, it's hard to pick just one!

All the drool. He will soak your hand in seconds if you have it under his chin. Aria started up with the drooling early on and then didn't end up with any teeth until she was almost a year old. I'm hoping Lincoln will follow suit. I have no desire for teething yet.

He has perfected the bubble making. So between that and the drooling his face is always covered in moisture. And I am forever wiping it off.

He also just started playing with his tongue. It's the funniest thing to watch. Aria either never did it or I have completely forgotten it from when she was bitty. He rolls his tongue around in his mouth and chews on his lower lip with this expression on his face like he is thinking over something complicated.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

He is still doing great with sleep. He tends to sleep through the night just as often as he wakes up once to nurse. I never mind when he wakes up because he nurses in no time flat and goes back to sleep without the slightest fuss. But, it is always a nice bonus when he sleeps the whole night too. It is an especially nice bonus when both Lincoln and Aria sleep all night. (Poor Aria has been having nightmares lately and it just breaks my heart as well as turns me into a zombie when she can't get back to sleep for a while).

He is still in the dock-a-tot in our bed, and I'm not even thinking about moving him to anything else until the whole house buying process is behind us (why is buying a house so frustratingly slow?). I also still swaddle him up in it. Not a true swaddle but I tuck his blanket around him and beneath him a bit when I place him in it, but his little arms are waving around by morning. It makes waking up much cuter when I can watch his arms and legs waving around stretching next to me.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

He has such a serious face, but when he smiles his whole face lights up. He even has a little dimple that can stay forever. And, his eyebrow game is strong. When you are talking to him and he smiles back and then quirks that one eyebrow up, it's just the cutest thing. Or, he is studying something so intently and his eyebrows are furrowed. I can't get enough of his sweet face. Especially those cheeks that I smooch all day long.

I think he enjoys watching Trolls as much as Aria. If I'm holding him he just stares at the screen with that serious expression, but if I move in a way that makes it so he can no longer see he starts thrashing about until I move back for him. Must be all those colors.

He absolutely hates when somebody sneezes. I've taken to stifling my sneezes because they startle him so much. When you sneeze loudly he immediately starts up his heartbroken cry. He doesn't bring that cry out often but if you hear it it's almost always because somebody sneezed. Good thing it's allergy season in Florida (which lasts twelve months of the year in case you were wondering).

He, however, loves the vacuum cleaner. I'll either vacuum the floors when he needs a nap and the sound helps him drift to sleep, or I'll vacuum the floors when he is being particularly grumpy and the sound quiets him down. Aria was the same way. He also loves the sound of water. Bath time is a favorite of his, but I also can bring him into the bathroom with me when I shower and he will quietly hang out in his cradle. Aria was not the same way.

I cannot get enough of this little guy. And, his particularly kissable cheeks.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | THREE months

Monday, February 20, 2017

Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Lincoln's favorite spot (when he isn't being held) is by the open backdoor, just out of the direct sunshine but close enough to feel the fresh breeze.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Outdoor yoga this morning.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Little morning snooze.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Aria has been read somewhere around 150 new to us library books this year so far. I think Lincoln is destined to become an avid book enthusiastic just like his big sister.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Rocking out to Bon Jovi (Slippery When Wet) with her harmonica microphone. 
Also, the house is in chaos from the moving process. So much junk everywhere.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

How is he so big already?
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Mid meltdown. Over a cupcake.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

You can find me in this exact position 85% of the day...
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Cutting up paper with Great Grandma. One of her most favorite pastimes.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Watching Mary Poppins, but mostly drooling on dad.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Freshly bathed and in pajamas.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Even princesses need to sleep.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

A flawless transfer to the dockatot. 
Time for mama to read a book. Do you follow me on goodreads? I've nearly completed my reading goal for the entire year already. It's amazing the number of books you can read while a baby sleeps on your lap.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Feb. 19th

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoy the sweetest day of the year friends!