Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lincoln | TWO months

In true second child fashion, I'm days behind in posting Lincoln's two month update...he turned two months on January 21st.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

He is wearing size 1 diapers, and 0-3 month clothing although a few of his sleepers are just too tight on him now. I've been meaning to go through his bin of clothing so I can separate the things that no longer fit, but time. You know how that goes.

I'll have to wait until Lincoln's 2 month pediatrician appointment to fill in his weight, but I measured him with my super precise measuring tape method.

Weight:12 lbs 7 oz
Birth: 7 lbs 1 oz
Height: 23 inches
Birth: 20.5 inches

Lincoln's favorite thing to do is eat! I feed him on demand and we rarely hit anything around the 3 hour mark. Every 1.5 hours to 2 hours is his sweet spot. Pretty much the only time he stretches to 3 hours between feedings is when he is down for a good nap. I am just assuming he is filling his feeding quota enough during the day so that he can go so long at night. No complaints here.

He is still super quick with his nursing sessions. Clocking in right around 10 minutes total. It still baffles me how much faster he is than Aria pretty much ever was. Very time efficient, but sometimes I wish he would just hang out and nurse a wee bit longer so I could take a longer mental break. Although, Aria's favorite thing to do is hand me a book when Lincoln nurses so...

My favorite part is when he uses his little hand to grab at my neck. Opening and closing his fingers against my skin. Or, grabbing onto my finger and holding on while he nurses. It's just the sweetest little thing, and it reminds me of all those tiny bits that come and go so quickly as time passes.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Lincoln loves to pump his feet and shake his arms around while huff puffing. He usually gets really into it after I change his diaper. So, I let him do his thing while I fold laundry next to the changing table. It always make me laugh when I can hear him doing it in his car seat as well. It's almost like he is panting excitedly. I'll hear him in the back seat huff puffing and I know he is back there kicking and punching the air.

I love when Lincoln and I have our daily chats. It is my goal each day to get him to smile and coo as many times as possible. Those little ah-goos and squeals and gasps. It's just melts your heart. When I run out of things to say, I will switch over to singing. Some of his favorites are hush little baby, teddy bear picnic, and happy together by the turtles.

At one month Lincoln didn't care if he was outside or inside, but now going outside calms him right down. As long as the sunshine doesn't blind him of course. He is not a fan of that. But, if I can find him a little spot with some shade he will sit in his rocking chair as happy as a clam. Even better if Aria is doing her thing in his line of sight. He tracks her with his eyes better than anything or anyone else. It makes my mama heart so very happy.

He hasn't been overly interested in his play mat this month, but his rocking chair has an elephant and a lion dangle toy on it. He really likes to flirt with those, and they are usually the reason I can get any sort of cooking done.

Still hating that tummy time. He enjoys looking around from his perch on a shoulder much more.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Lincoln is still an amazing sleeper! I am so very much dreading any sort of sleep regression. I have been enjoying getting enough sleep these past several weeks. He is consistently sleeping for 8-9 hours each night. I can't think of the last time it was less than a 7 hour stretch. And, he slept the entire night a few weeks ago (Jan. 6th) from 9-10pm until 7:21am. A whole night of uninterrupted sleep for the whole gang.

Our bedtime routine...Aria and Lincoln get a shower and a bath around 7pm. I give Lincoln a bath in the sink while Aria gives herself a shower, which I'm loving. I get Lincoln dried and in fresh jammies while Aria plays in the shower for a bit longer. Then it is Aria's turn to get dried off and in her jammies. We do a family bedtime with Aria of books and songs. Sometime Lincoln likes it and sometime he does not...he has no problem letting us know when he does not. After Aria is tucked in bed, Chris gets some daddy and Lincoln time while I shower. After I'm done in the shower I nurse Lincoln one last time, right around 830. I tuck him into his dock-a-tot where he quietly falls asleep usually before 930 while I read next to him with a little book light.

When we decided on getting a dock-a-tot it was because it made the most sense for our situation. There just wasn't enough room for a mini crib or even a rock n play in our room, and there wasn't another bedroom for him to be in. But, I didn't realize how much I would love having him right next to me at night. At first I thought it would be hard to have him in bed with us for three months or so (our preferred time frame for buying a the inspections were just completed at the start of the week on the house we are working on buying!!). It turns out that I love it and I'm not ready to move him anywhere else just yet. It is so very easy to nurse him and put him back to sleep each night. So, if anybody is considering a dock-a-tot...I give it two thumbs up. (Not sponsored by the way, although if dock-a-tot wants to send the next size up I would not complain!)

He is still mostly cat napping throughout the day whenever the need strikes. In the middle of his second month he decided anything over a 30 minute nap was for the birds, but he is back to taking a nice 2-3 hour nap most days. That is what he is currently doing in fact, so I took advantage of the time to work on this post.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

My little hunk. He is filling out this month. I think 90% of his feedings are going right to his face. Those cheeks, that double chin! But, his legs and arms are starting to get a little chunk too.

He was just starting to smile right at the end of month one, but he smiles all the time now. I just love when he starts off watching you and then cracks a smirk before busting out with a huge grin. He charms everybody with it. Although, when he sticks out his lip and his eyes fill with tears it gives those big smiles a run for their money. It's one of the cutest things.

He found his hands too. If he can get one of those suckers to his mouth he will suck his whole fist for all it is worth.

My grumpy old man isn't so grumpy anymore. He has been peppering in a grumpy day here and there, but it is nice that he has more happy days now. Crying all day every day gets old fast. And, he isn't quite so fussy during the evening. Some nights he is even perfectly happy, which makes the bedtime routine so much more pleasant.

Oh boy does he love his sister. She can get him to calm down like none other. He just eats up any attention he gets from her. It's funny to watch him flirt with her while she is watching a movie and not paying him any mind. He tries so hard to get her attention. Aria is so proud that she has the magic touch though. She loves to give him his paci and sing twinkle stars to him. She also loves to dance around for him when she notices that he is watching her (you know, as long as Secret Life of Pets isn't on). Having babes is some kind of wonderful. But, having those babes interact is on a whole different level of wonderful. Just pulls at all those mama heartstrings in all the right ways.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | TWO months

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Relaxing until big sister is done with breakfast too and needs the corn flakes scrubbed off her face.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Aria got a set of do-a-dot markers for Christmas - I can finally get her to color with me now. Although, she wouldn't let me help with the mermaid castle picture...
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

First snooze of the day.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd
While brother sleeps, big sister and mama play. The hand resting on her cheek kills me!
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Lincoln only took a thirty minute cat nap earlier, instead of his usual 2-3 hour big nap of the day. So, I'm trying to get him to doze off again...unsuccessfully.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd
Naps? I've never heard of such a thing.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Lincoln finally fell asleep again, so Aria and I played The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game. Love this kids game, probably my favorite...I mean how cute is that squirrel grabber?
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Aria abandoned me to play with great grandma after I won the squirrel game three times in a row, and Chris got home only to spend an hour on the phone sorting out hospital bills. So, Lincoln (who only slept for another 30 minutes again...) and I snuggled on the couch.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Time for Aria's favorite tag with dad. 
Lincoln dozed off again (for a whole 10 minutes) so I went outside to see what Aria wanted for dinner - peas and strawberries. Sure thing!
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Aria and I played with the Lincoln Logs after dinner.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Bedtime...for the eldest.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Waiting for his last nursing session of the evening.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Full belly and a clean diaper. Now to close those eyes.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Mission accomplished.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Photo Every Hour | Jan. 3rd

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Sweet Turtle Soup - Happy New Year

2016 was an amazing year for our family!

Here's hoping 2017 is equally so...but maybe a bit less heartburn.