Monday, December 19, 2016

Round Two | Newborn Favorites

Sweet Turtle Soup - Round Two | Newborn Faves
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[ONE] Little Unicorn Cotton Swaddle, in jack plaid - It was the designs that enticed into buying a few Little Unicorn swaddles. We used the A+A swaddles with Aria, and they were great...but I wasn't a fan of the designs. Lincoln sleeps with his jack plaid swaddle every night. It is breathable, soft, and he looks so sweet wrapped up in it.

[TWO] Blooming Bath - We got a newborn bath for Aria that we ended up hating. It wasn't user friendly and made things harder rather than easier. I was so annoyed by our bath time troubles that I ended up buying just about every baby a bath for their baby shower after that. So, a newborn bath was at the top of my must have list when we found out we were having another baby. And, it just so happened that a sweet friend was getting rid of her blooming bath around the same time. It works perfectly. And, Lincoln thinks so too (after his first bath that is, because he was not a big fan of that first one...).

[THREE] Solly Baby Wrap, in camel - I'm so glad we got this wrap. It has been so handy thus far. I've used it at Disney Springs, while waiting three hours at the mall to see Santa, to vacuum, and on many Target & grocery runs. It took several tries to figure out just how to wrap it, but it definitely gets easier each time. And, Lincoln either snuggles up and fall right to sleep or stares wide eyed at the world around him. Either option equals a quiet baby.

[FOUR] DockATot Deluxe - This might be my favorite of the favorites. Right now it is a tight fit in our current living situation as a family of four with two dogs in big cages. I'd never considered co-sleeping because it makes me too uncomfortable. But, with this little spot that allows Lincoln to be in our bed but also in his own zone? It's the perfect solution to not having room for a crib. I love having him right next to me for middle of the night feedings but also so I can stare at his tiny sleeping face when he finally passes out for the night. Plus, he has been sleeping rather well in it - giving me regular 5/6 hour stretches.

[FIVE] HoMedics Sound Machine - Lincoln takes his naps in the living room by the Christmas tree where all the noises live. For example, his loud big sister, and the dogs that bark whenever somebody comes to the door either real or imaginary. So, I always turn on his sound machine to help drown out some of the more startling noises. And, so far I haven't had to banish any dogs for waking up the baby.

[SIX] SheaMoisture Honey and Lavender Baby Shampoo - This smells so amazing. This shampoo combined with the blooming bath make bath time one of the best times of the day.

[SEVEN] Ubbi Diaper Pail, in navy - We never got a legit diaper pail with Aria, so the faint smell of baby poo was never my favorite. I'm loving the Ubbi so far. It's pretty for one, but it also holds in the baby poo smell well.

[EIGHT] LittleOwlsNest Minky Boppy Cover - I didn't realize how uncomfortable the regular boppy covers were until I got this one as a hand me down from a friend (I'm a big fan of the hand me downs). I ended up with two boppy pillows, so I thought I'd keep one in my bed and the other on the couch. That only last one night after I realized how much softer the minky boppy cover is. Definitely happy to have the minky.


  1. It's amazing all the things you think you need that you don't. Or things you surprisingly cannot live without. Anyways great list and hey! Thanks for the Christmas card!!

  2. I've seen the DockATot Deluxe all over the Internet and just think it's the best "must have" item. I wish we had one when C was little.

  3. We got that blooming bath when I had Annabelle (since I just had to have it). My hubby thought it was ridiculous, but let me add it to the registry. We have a huge sink, so that thing didn't really work for us. :(

  4. The bath, solly wrap and dock a tot are definitely on my wish list if we have a baby #2.

  5. That DockaTot thing! I WISH they had that when Mason was born. That thing looks AMAZING!

  6. Glad the bath and boppy cover are working out well! The first time around, I had a cheap cotton boppy cover that was not very soft, so when I used the minky one, it was night and day! I'm impressed that he hasn't woken up to barking dogs or Aria :) That's great! White noise is the best though; I can't sleep without it now since both kids do.


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