Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Merry Christmas | My Wish List

Christmas Wish List for Women

S'well Bottle - I hear that these bottles are amazing. They are also so pretty.

Essie Nail Polish - One can never have too many bottles of nail polish. I have my eye on 'cashmere bathrobe' and 'getting groovy'.

Trouble - This was probably my favorite game as a kid. I need to pass on the fun to Aria.

Lush Bath Bombs - I've wanted to try one of these bath bombs for ages.

Alex and Ani - I love this candy cane charm bangle. Plus, a portion of the sale goes to Give Kids The World Village. This one is at the top of my list!

Disney Starbucks Tumbler - This is my favorite thing to drink out of, and I've broken two so far. Maybe third time is the charm?

Naked2 Palette - I really like using these Urban Decay palettes. Gotta collect them all, right?

Godiva Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix - Best hot cocoa ever!

Gift Cards - Starbucks gift cards are one of my favorite gifts ever. You can't go wrong with the gift of coffee. Disney gift cards are also always appreciated because it gives us an excuse to pop over for a visit or to put it towards a trip.


  1. I love your list girl. It is so practical, yet full of fun things too. I have STILL yet to try Essie polish, can you believe that?!?!

  2. This is a fun list! We just picked up a trouble game from the Target $ spot and I forgot how fun it is to play!

  3. Excellent list you've got together up there! Many many good ideas!

  4. What a great list! I love those nail polish colors and yes to all the Starbucks gift cards!!!!

  5. I need to just borrow this list and send it to the husband ;)


  6. I want to try one of those bath bombs too...but everytime I walk into Lush, I can never figure out waht I want or how anything works and it's so I walk out, every single time...One day I'll stay...

  7. Okay, this is the second time today that I've read about these Lush bath bombs & now I am very intrigued by them!

    I love the game Trouble, I used to play it at my grandparents' all the time & they had the wooden pegs, that's how old that was. Ha!

  8. Such a great gift list!! I hope you get all of it. You deserve it. :)

  9. Love the golden color scheme you've got going on here! Disney tumblers are the best.

  10. Ooo, your list is pretty! I bought the Trouble game not that long ago and Scott and I play it sometimes :) I forgot how fun it is! I've heard about that eyeshadow palette, and it's super pretty. I may have to add that to my list. I didn't know there was a Starbucks Disney tumbler?! So cool! S'well bottles are one of my favorites, and I like that gold one you picked!

  11. BEST LIST EVER. Seriously everything on it is perfection! I have one of those Naked pallets and love it! Of course I love the Disney mug and the gift cards and I also have a Swell water bottle and use it everyday. It keeps my water SO COLD which I love! I hope Santa brings you everything on your list!

  12. I have a couple of Yeti cups so I have exactly no reason to need a Swell water bottle, but man do I want one! Especially that gold one! This is a fabulous list. The Naked 2 palette is my favorite of them all. I use it almost every day! Hope you get all that you wish for, plus some!


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