Tuesday, October 11, 2016

33 Weeks (Baby #2)

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*Pictured with some of the remaining tree debris in our yard from Hurricane Matthew. We really lucked out when it stayed off the coast of central Florida instead of coming onshore. Tree bits and pieces were about the extent of our damage. That and not having power for three days.

How far along - 33 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Nothing.

Aversions - Nothing precisely, but nothing sounds appealing either.

Best moment - Getting our power back on after Hurricane Matthew took it out. It was a sweaty three days, and it felt amazing to sleep with cool air again.

Looking forward to - Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend...again. We had to postpone it when there was no power to do essential things like bake pies and provide guests with air conditioning.

Miss anything - Clean laundry? I've been chipping away at it since the power was restored but I still have two loads to go. Pregnancy wise...eating food without feeling too full after three bites.

Movement - It's definitely my favorite part. And, getting some strong wallops too. With my laptop on my lap my arms need to rest on part of the bump and baby boy usually ends up karate chopping them to death.

Other pregnancy symptoms - Uncomfortable, definitely. Waddling, yup. Whale status, getting there...especially when I'm trying to get up from the floor, it's more like beached whale. My stomach has been feeling so very stretched lately. Starting to get sore hips if I don't keep switching sides at night. With Aria my hips killed me much earlier, constantly sore. I was expecting that again this time but so far nope, just a wee bit of it.

Aria's thoughts - I think it is funny when she blames everything on baby brother. If I'm hungry or tired or thirsty or can't sit in the same spot any longer or anything...she says it is because I'm having a baby. Most of the time it works though! Is baby brother hungry? Did baby brother drink all your water?

Hurricane Matthew seems to have pushed baby to the background. I had to triple check that I'm 33 weeks now, and not 32. 7 weeks to go (give or take) seems like such a short amount of time while at the same time the end of November seems like ages away. And, November is next month! Probably should buy a few things...like his bed, maybe a few diapers. I had Aria at 34 weeks. You'd think that would make me feel the need to be prepared super early, but no.


  1. Eeeee, you are so close and looking great! Does your doctor think your little gentleman is going to come early like Aria? Cam was born at 36 weeks and I had to have weekly shots to help keep Emmy inside for longer.

  2. You look fantastic. SO, so happy that y'all were okay and the hurricane didn't do what they thought it would. 3 days huh? I bet that was "fun" :(. We had no power for over a week one time when I was pregnant with M due to an ice storm. That was terrible.

  3. You look great!! Getting closer to the end--can't wait to see that little one!

  4. You're so close!!! So glad you guys have your power back! Seth's old high school friend lives in Florida and she got evacuated and she's like 38 weeks pregnant. I thought it would be horrible to go into labor during a hurricane. I mean, what would you do?? I guess you would evacuate yourself to a hospital maybe, just in case, if you were closer to being due? Yikes. Either way, YAY for only having a few weeks to go, YAY for power!, and YAY for Thanksgiving next weekend!

  5. Sorry to hear you lost power! Glad it's back though. You had Aria pretty early!

  6. You look absolutely adorable! So happy you finally have power back and are safe. Have a great week!

  7. SO glad to hear the hurricane didn't do too much damage. But no power for three days? No bueno.
    I remember having such sore hips with Marcus! But with Julia? Not as much, or as intense, or as early.
    Can't wait to see what's on your Canadian Thanksgiving menu next week.
    Also. HOORAY for AC!!

  8. No power for three days sounds like a total pain, but I am so glad you guys are safe! You look so great and you’re getting so close to meeting that sweet boy!! Can't wait to read all about your Thanksgiving feast! You guys always do those so right!!

  9. You make pregnancy look good! I remember that feeling full after 3 bites nonsense. Did I ever stop eating after three bites? Of course not ;) Aria has the right idea, blame it all on the baby! Can't believe he's due next month. Seriously, how did that happen???

  10. I can't believe you're 33 weeks! So nesting hasn't kicked in yet? :) I didn't feel super compelled the 2nd time around though either, probably because I knew Charlotte would be in our room for a while, and therefore no need to do her room. I'm glad that the hurricane didn't hit near you, and that the power outage was the worst of it. I think we may need to start a Canadian Thanksgiving tradition; your annual posts always make me drool.

  11. Oh it's gonna feel like you are so so pregnant once you get passed the 34 week mark! My gf had the same thing, her first six weeks early and her second a week late she was like whaaaat is this!?! Lol

  12. Eek!!! So close. You look great :) Glad to hear you stayed safe during Hurricane Matthew. Autumn slept in our room in a bassinet for the first few months. Her bed wasn't up right away.

  13. You look so good. I remember feeling really big at this point, too.
    I didn't realize that Aria came at 34 weeks. Was there a reason she was so early?


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