Friday, September 23, 2016

Aria's Summer Books!

Back in June I posted a list of a dozen books I was hoping I could track down to read to Aria over the Summer this year. You can find that list here! It turns out that there were two that I just could not find, but we ended up reading the remaining ten plus an extra fifty-eight.

I discovered a magical thing at the library this Summer. It is called 'putting books on hold'. I had done it for books that I wanted to read myself before, but never for children's books. It didn't occurred to me until I was trying to find a specific list for Aria. But, it is a game changer! I add a whole bunch to my hold queue and when they come in I just go pick them up. I love it. Now that our "Summer Reading" is over I have about 40 in my queue for Autumn and Halloween. I'm excited to pick those ones up next.

I am going to share our whole list and also let you know which were our most favorite. We really loved a few of them and they've since been added to Aria's book wish-list.

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Children's Books, Summer Reading for Three Year Old

16. Stuck
43. Pool
63. Quest
67. Tea Rex

The ones Aria loved the most were:
7. A Fine Dessert - Chris wasn't a fan of this one, so naturally Aria had him read it nightly


  1. A fine dessert!!! Haha we read that one too, did you make the raspberry fool? I wanted to but never got around to it ;)

  2. You know we have that Pete the Cat book over here! We are big Pete lovers. I even got the Pete Halloween book and it's been on heavy rotation lately.
    Someone else told me about those Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect books too but I looked at them at Barnes and Noble one day and wasn't too sure. But after hearing that they are some of Aria's favorites, I may need to add them to Mason's list!

  3. So many books! She's a reading machine!

  4. Putting bools on hold is the best ever! We utilize it all the time. Love that you ladies love to read so much.

  5. Putting bools on hold is the best ever! We utilize it all the time. Love that you ladies love to read so much.

  6. Ok, I would have never thought to put kids books on hold. GENIUS!!!
    We love us some Pete the Cat, and need to add the Groovy Buttons to our collection. I'd also like to add Stuck, as well. The rest are new to us, and we're clearly going to have to check a few of them out!

  7. Oh my goodness, you guys READ!!! Does she just like to branch out and read different stuff, or do you have to force her? Because Ez just wants to read one book at a time, 20 times a day, forever.

  8. Wow, what a list! We usually just pick out books at the library when we go, but now that the kids are in school and we don't get there as often we should probably start putting books on hold!

  9. I am going to hit up the library for some of these. It may be Fall but our book lovin' heart doesn't care.

  10. We love our books around here! This is a great list!


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