Monday, August 1, 2016

Three Years & Eight Months Old

Sweet Turtle Soup: Aria Month-Date
Sweet Turtle Soup: Aria Month-Date
Sweet Turtle Soup: Aria Month-Date
Sweet Turtle Soup: Aria Month-Date

weight: to be added, whenever we get near a scale

height: just over 40 inches.

sleep: I'm just going to say this nice and quietly. Sleep has been really great. It was awful. Then I got pregnant and thought well this is going to be terrible. But, then she started sleeping just fine. Consistently. Going to bed and sleeping all night long unless she has to use the bathroom. I still can't believe it. Fingers crossed she keeps it up...forever.

bedtime routine: Pajamas on, get fresh water for the night, say good night to great grandma, a book each from mom and dad (sometimes a few more if we have time), dad picks her up to turn out the light, and then three songs. If Chris has overtime and goes back to work, he and Aria will say prayers and good night followed by a family hug (Aria's favorite) before he leaves and I sit in Aria's room. If Chris doesn't have to go back to work we alternate who stays in the room. When I sit in the room I sit on the edge of her bed to hold her hand and rub her back. We talk about what we did that day. Then we get up for one more bathroom break and a sip of water. I tuck her back in bed for a hug, a smooch, and then a nose rub. I say night night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, I love you, and see you in the morning...which Aria parrots back while I leave the room. When it is Chris's turn to stay in the room I'll say good night first with an abbreviated version of everything I do when it is my night and then Chris will lay on the floor next to her bed while holding her hand for a few minutes. Sometimes she falls asleep when he is still in there and sometimes he will leave after several minutes.

potty training: Done. In her last 'update' she was sleeping in pull-ups and waking up dry almost all of the time. When that pack ran out we went back to panties and she's done great ever since. She has had a few accidents, maybe 3, 4, 5.

I was picking her up out of bed and sitting her on her little potty in her room around 11 every night until recently. My back was not happy with that arrangement and I figured it would just get more uncomfortable the further along I get in this pregnancy so I stopped a little over a week ago. And, it has still been great. Sometimes she will get up once for a bathroom break, but most of the time she sleeps all night and then goes potty right when she wakes up.

things she says:

I really failed this category this month. I forgot to write anything down so it has all been forgotten.

A few things she says constantly..."Just do it." - her motivational phrase. "Just one time. Just for a little bit." - when talking you into something. "Do you want to see it again" - in reference to everything. "Loki is a pain in the butt." - she may have picked that up from mama. "I'm just trying to make you happy." - anytime I yell at her she switches to being silly and then says that. "Ouch, you're choking me. I can't breathe!" - whenever dad pins her when they wrestle around, she can dish it but she can't take it. "Is it Halloween today/tomorrow/soon?" - ever since Christmas in July.

food - french fries and apples
books - Pinkalicious and the snow globe
songs - rudolph, deck the halls, and silent night
toy - the kitty and puppy beanie babies to play pretend with
show/movie - The Lorax, The Good Dinosaur

likes: feeding the dogs and letting them outside, helping out in the kitchen, jumping on the couch, swim lessons, wearing her pajamas all day, washing her own hands, gardening, playing in the water..any water, reading, dancing, playing pretend, talking about her little brother, snack time, friday night family movie night, swimming in Uncle Kiel's pool, dirt, and annoying the dogs.

dislikes: listening until something has been repeated at least a dozen times, sitting still, and patiently waiting.

1. What makes you happy? Playing in the water.
2. What makes you sad? Not going to Uncle Kiel's every day.
3. How old are you? 5. (no) 6. I am 7. (no) 1, 2, 3. 5. I'm 5. ( are 3) ok.
4. What is your favorite thing to do? Reading books.
5. What do you want to be when you grow up? A babysitter.
6. What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries.
7. What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream. (what kind of ice cream) Strawberry ice cream.
8. What is your favorite animal? A raccoon. (A racoon? What do you like about raccoons) That them are in my mind.
9. Where is your favorite place to go? To Uncle Kiel's.
10. What is your favorite ride at Disney? Dumbo.
11. What is your favorite color? Red. And, purple. And, yellow. Purple, yellow, pink, orange. All the colors of the rainbow.


  1. Congrats on the great sleep! I'm super, super jealous. We still have a crappy sleeper here but this too shall pass. I hope. hahaha! She's so adorable. I love all her pictures!

  2. I love her answers to the interview :) Especially about the raccoon, ha! A big YAY for sleep! (plus knock on all the wood that it continues). Reese hasn't been a great sleeper from the get go, but the last month or so, we've been using lavender EO and it seems to help quite a bit. Now we just need to work on night time potty training.

  3. I feel like a lot of those interview questions could've been answered by Ez. 5 is his automatic answer whenever numbers are involved and he's constantly asking to visit the uncles. Like every time we get in the car. Yay for sleep!! Even though it hasn't always been great, at least her timing is good. Hopefully nothing has been jinxed!

  4. She's a cutie! I love the interview. Especially the age question and how she went through all those numbers and when you told her she was 3 she just says "Ok". haha! Love it.

  5. Love the interview! I do that every year on Cam's birthday. What a beautiful girl you have. Why do our babies grow so quickly? And thank goodness for sleep!

  6. I love that she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up! Yay for sleeping through the night and staying dry, those are huge milestones (and probably bigger ones for mama haha)

  7. Yay for a sleeping break through. It is so nice when they finally really settle into a routine. I am still waiting for my girls to become late sleepers though. They seem to be pretty early birds that don't sleep much past 6:30 or 7:00

  8. When Connor was potty training, I just cut off his liquids around 7 because I didn't want to risk accidents and I wasn't about to wake him up to go potty because in our world, YOU NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING CONNOR.

  9. Congrats on the sleep and the potty training! I love that she thinks she's 5!

  10. She's a girl after my own heart with those Christmas songs. "I'm just trying to make you happy." cracked me up...Mase shushes me and says "Just stop, Momma." when I yell at him

  11. Yay for being fully potty trained! And Christmas is definitely on her brain. Her answers to her questions, just too cute!

  12. I love her answer for why she choose raccoons. Ha! She is a real're gonna have the boys knocking down your door for her. :)

  13. Oh my goodness stop it she is just growing up too quickly!!!

  14. Gah, they just age so quickly right now! And yay for being completely done with pull-ups!


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