Wednesday, August 31, 2016

27 Weeks (Baby #2)

Sweet Turtle Soup - 27 Weeks (Baby #2)

How far along - 27 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Ice water and toast with strawberry jam.

Aversions - Warm water and things that give me heartburn.

Best moment - Having a solid night of sleep the other day. I've been extra restless lately.

Looking forward to - September. Autumn starts in September! At least on the calendar but I have my fingers crossed for cooler days soon. Or at the very least cooler mornings.

Miss anything - Energy, definitely energy.

Movement - Lots. Sometimes it is super low. But, it is my fave when I can see waves across my stomach. Nobody else has felt him still.

Other pregnancy symptoms - So tired. Way too many headaches. Back aches, but not as awful as a few weeks ago. I can't breathe when I bend over. Restless nights. Heartburn still just about every single night, blah.

Aria's thoughts - I mentioned that baby brother can hear her when she talks, so she pushed her face into my stomach and said "hi tiny baby". Then she asked if she could hear him, and I said it doesn't work so well the other way around but she would hear him plenty when he gets on the outside.

She got really annoyed during family hug the other night. I said ouch too tight you are hurting my back to Chris, but she must have thought I meant hurting the baby. She pushed everybody apart and then hugged my tummy.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
Another check off on our Summer Bucket List! We aren't particularly big baseball fans, but we thought it would be fun to just check out a local game. Pretty much the only thing on my wish list was to get some type of food in one of those cute plastic baseball hat bowls. And, they had dippin dots you could get in the hat bowl so done and done.

It turned out to be a game that my old high school's band was performing at and doing some sort of raffle too. Aria loved dancing to the music. Our seats were just over from where they were sitting. So you couldn't miss it. Our seats were also right in the sunshine but it didn't take too long for the sun to set. Thankfully.

We enjoyed our dippin dots and half flat sprite. A ball hit a few rows behind us, which was terrifying. Aria had a blast dancing to the band and then figuring out when to clap with songs. Then she made us all cheer whenever one of the players was up to bat. Chants of 'hit it! hit it!' and 'you can do it'. We decided to leave before the end of the game because baseball is only so fun for so long and the air conditioning sounded appealing. Still a fun family outing!
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | watch a baseball game
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

26 Weeks (Baby #2)

Sweet Turtle Soup - 26 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along - 26 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Peanut butter toast, apples, and all the snacks that are bad.

Aversions - Warm water and hot food.

Best moment - Chris not having overtime this week. We like when he is around more.

Looking forward to - Finishing up our summer bucket list.

Miss anything - Having more energy.

Movement - Lots. He is starting to get annoyed when I lay on my side. I must squish him. So he squirms around a bunch. And, nope nobody else has felt him still.

Other pregnancy symptoms - Tired, tired, and more tired. Running to the bathroom every other minute. I go from full to starving in 2 seconds, and if I don't eat something quickly enough I end up feeling sick. But, then if I eat one bite too much I feel awful. Headaches. And, the dizzies when I'm up and about too much. I've taken to doing everything in 4 steps, a little bit at a time. Basically just feeling pregnant.

Aria's thoughts - She keeps asking if I will have to stay at the hospital long when I go to have the baby. Makes me dread leaving her even more. I'm going to miss that first born of mine. Such big changes on the horizon for everybody.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Bucket List | make popsicles

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | make popsicles
We love these strawberry cheesecake popsicles! Well, Aria goes nuts for anything in popsicle form but I could eat the whole batch of these in one sitting. We hadn't made them in a long time because we didn't have popsicle molds. Instead I would put them in little dixie cups with sticks. But, I finally ordered my very own molds. The very day they arrived Aria and I made a batch of strawberry cheesecake popsicles. I should order another three sets of molds so we could make a big batch and stock the freezer! The six we made were gone in two days. Popsicles for breakfast? Absolutely.

We use this recipe for the cheesecake layer, and then for the strawberry layer I blend frozen strawberries with just a little bit of coconut water and a squeeze of honey. It's the bees' knees!

*amazon affiliate link - the popsicle molds are even cuter in person
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | make popsicles
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | make popsicles
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | make popsicles
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | make popsicles

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | make popsicles
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

25 Weeks (Baby #2)

hump day bump day, bump picture

How far along - 25 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Fruit and sweets.

Aversions - Tums apparently, and warm water.

Best moment - Watching baby boy do the wave across my stomach. I could watch it all day.

Looking forward to - Thanksgiving. It's a wee bit early even for me, but give me all the Thanksgiving food!

Miss anything - Not having heartburn.

Movement - Tons. And still nobody else has felt it. Although Aria keeps pretending that she can every time she touches my tummy. She's in for a surprise when he actually kicks her.

Other pregnancy symptoms - No matter what I eat I seem to get heartburn at the end of the day, and I've discovered that Tums make everything worse. It's a fun nausea and heartburn combo. I'm exhausted this week. Aria has been curling up with me on the couch daily for a movie and mommy cat nap. And, then I'm usually falling asleep at my computer by 8:30. The back and sciatic pain has been really nice to me this week though. Still getting the dizzies when I'm up and about for too long, especially if it is hot...which always. As soon as I sit down under the AC vent and guzzle some ice water I feel fine.

Aria's thoughts - I think her little brother is on her mind even more than on mine. She's always bringing him up and talking about him to strangers. "I'm going to be a big sister! Mommy's having a baby boy!"

At night before bed we do a group family hug before sending daddy back to work and she has taken to hugging my belly while saying she's keeping baby brother from getting hurt or squished. She's also been pressing her face into my tummy and sniffing. "I'm just smelling the baby mommy. Mmm he smells good!" And, she is very excited to hold him too. "Mommy is having a baby, and I get to hold him!"

Monday, August 15, 2016

$10 at Target - August

Welcome to this month's $10 at Target challenge! It's simple enough to join in - take yourself to Target with 10 bucks of fun money and see what you can find. Then take a picture of your haul and let us know if you came in on budget by linking up below.

Sweet Turtle Soup: $10 at Target - June
Becky at bybmg // Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason // Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me // Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest

This Target shopping trip is brought to you by my sweet tooth cravings. I really need to avoid that section of the store. But, it was another trip where nothing caught my eye. The dollar section was almost empty too. Bare shelves and everything. I guess that means they will be restocking soon though! While Aria was playing hide and seek with dad in the clothing section the little necklace sets looked sweet, so I called her over and told her she could pick one out if she wanted. She's obsessed and has worn it every day. Not as successful as some trips but fun nonetheless!

Here is what we ended up with this time:
Sweet Turtle Soup: $10 at Target - August

How'd we do on the budget?
Sweet Turtle Soup: $10 at Target - August
$10.04! Pretty dang close. I actually thought we'd be a bit more over but I was pregnant-hungry so I didn't care at that point. Only 4 cents over though, so not bad not bad.

Sweet Turtle Soup

If you joined in with us for this month's $10 at Target challenge please link up below. And, mark your calendars for the next challenge link up on September 19th.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Bucket List | car wash

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car wash
I added washing the car to our summer bucket list because it seemed like something that would be completely up Aria's alley. Just good ol' fun. Something simple. And, it was a hit. She was bouncing around the car, making up songs about washing the car, and getting soaked in the process. She loved it so much she said that she and daddy needed to do it once a week. Fine by me!
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car wash
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car washSweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car wash
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car wash
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car wash

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | car wash
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Picture Perfect Project: 12 in 2016 - August

12 in 2016, a photo every month in 2016 photo challenge
"Avid Gardener"

Welcome back to another month of the Picture Perfect Project. I am joining up with Beth of Our Pretty Little Girls, Whitney of Work it Mommy, Stephanie of Wife Mommy Me, Elizabeth of Chasin' Mason, and Desiree of Macke Monologues to encourage you to challenge yourself in 2016 to take pictures daily, monthly, weekly, or any combination under the sun. And, then link-up with us on the 2nd Thursday of each month to share your progress. Challenges are always more fun when you do them with friends.

This is how you will find Aria on almost any given morning. She takes her gardening duties super seriously. She helps me check on our overflowing pumpkin garden, waters her pineapple, and tends to her little hole she plants pretty much anything she finds in. After her gardening chores she plays in the water until the sunshine takes over the porch and it's too hot to even play in the hose.

Sweet Turtle Soup

Please link-up any photography challenge you've been working on this year below! The link-up will be open until the end of the month, so add your link anytime between now and then. You can also share your pictures on instagram or twitter using #thepictureperfectproject. And, don't forget the next link up is on September 8th.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

National S'mores Day Blog Hop - S'mores Milkshake

Smile! Today is National S'mores Day! There is nothing like a national holiday for an excuse to indulge in a little treat like s'mores. And, today I am joining up with a few other bloggers to share our take on s'mores.

I'm not the biggest fan of s'mores, but milkshakes are right up my alley. So, I thought I'd try my hand at making a s'mores milkshake. Definitely less messy and I've been craving all things cold this pregnancy so a nice cold toasted marshmallow milkshake sounded like just the ticket.

Aria came into the kitchen while I was whipping this milkshake up. She asked what I was making, so I told her a s'mores milkshake. She said that didn't sound very good and could she just have a toasted marshmallow instead. Fast forward to my taking pictures of the end result on our back deck and asking Aria to hold the cup for a thing I know she's chugging it. She was very reluctant to let me try any. When she finally did I understood her reluctance though. Cold toasted marshmallow-y ice cream, so amazing.

Do yourself a favor and mix up one for yourself!

S'mores Milkshake 

  • 9 marshmallows
  • 2 cups of vanilla ice cream
  •  1/4 cup milk
  • 1 graham cracker sheet
  • chocolate syrup


Toast your marshmallows. You can use your broiler for this. Place your marshmallows on a baking sheet and broil for 30 seconds to a minute. Keep a close eye on them so they don't burn. Or, if you have access to a nice fire you could do them the old fashioned way.

Add the toasted marshmallows, the vanilla ice cream, and the milk to your blender. Blend well. The toasted marshmallow like to stay stuck in clumps, so it may take longer than your average milkshake to get a smooth consistency. Give it a stir to check.

Break up your graham cracker into crumbs. Pour a little bit of syrup in an empty glass around the sides. Then pour your milkshake into the glass. Top with the graham cracker crumbs and optionally another toasted marshmallow. Serve immediately.

You are definitely going to want to check out the other recipes being shared today!
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Sweet Turtle Soup S'mores Milkshake

Happy snacking!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

24 Weeks (Baby #2)

Sweet Turtle Soup - 24 weeks with baby #2

How far along - 24 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Fruit and chocolate cake.

Aversions - Nothing.

Best moment - Getting some rain and a little break from the miserable heat. Aria loves to play in it, I love to listen to it, and the plants are grateful for it I'm sure.

Looking forward to - The end of summer. I've got my fingers crossed for a less sweaty fall and winter this year.

Miss anything - Not having to go to my Dr's office every single Friday for a shot in the rear. It's a downright depressing way to end the week.

Movement - Tons. And still nobody else has felt it.

Other pregnancy symptoms - The sciatic pain has been moderately better this week, woo hoo. I seem to flip flop between sleeping like the dead and tossing and turning the entire night. Heartburn, we had pizza and it nearly killed me. And, I get lightheaded when I'm on my feet for too long - such as making lunch or walking around Target.

Aria's thoughts - She has said she loves the baby a time or two. I promptly melt into a puddle.

She really chats about him all the time. Asking if he likes eating what I'm eating, and if the baby is making me tired, and if he was dancing to her music, etc. She's always bringing him up, and I love it. She also likes to tell strangers that we are going to have a baby and it is a boy baby. It must be her conversational fall back.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer Bucket List | froyo date

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo date
We checked this item off of our summer bucket list a while ago. It was Aria's treat for doing such a great job during her first swim lesson back in July. This was her first froyo experience and she was thrilled at all the hands on choices. She picked strawberry, cake batter, and cotton candy for her frozen yogurt and then she and dad filled the top with all sorts of goodies. In the end, she would have enjoyed a bowl full of candy better. She didn't like the frozen yogurt getting mixed together or the goodies mixed in at all. Perhaps she would have liked it better if she stuck with her favorite, strawberry. She even specifically asks to not get the ice cream with candy on top now. Poor kid. I think she ate enough candy from her toppings, and mine, to sufficiently reward her excellent swim lesson though.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo date
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo date
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo date
Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo dateSweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo date

Sweet Turtle Soup - Summer Bucket List | froyo date
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Teaching Together Blog Hop #11

Hey, everybody! Welcome to the Teaching Together Blog Hop - Summer School. I, together with Whitney at Work it Mommy, Amanda at Tickled Pink, Courtney at A+ Life, Beth at Our Pretty Little Girls, and this month's Summer School guest Leah at Leah With Love thought that a link up focusing on preschool activities, homeschooling ideas, and play at home learning would be a great way to pool together all sorts of fun and educational resources. A place to share and be inspired. Check back on the original post for full details, and/or past blog hops for great ideas!

Sweet Turtle Soup: Teaching Together Blog Hop - Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool kids

Aria was watching Dinosaur Train the other day while I was making lunch. Apparently it was the episode where they visit a volcano. It just sparked something in her. She had volcanoes and lava on the mind for days. So, I thought we might as well run with it and do a few volcano activities.

Read Books About Volcanoes:
Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool age children
We are a family that loves to read so my first thought for any theme is to find books. I didn't have much luck finding books that were age appropriate for Aria, but I still went ahead and grabbed the ones I could find. I guess volcanoes aren't a hot topic in the easy reader genre. We haven't made it through the big chapter books as of yet and I only got the National Geographic one to look at the pictures, but our favorite of the bunch is An Island Grows by Schaefer. It was the only one that was really for Aria's age level, and it was simple enough to follow while still getting it's point across. Here are all the books I found at the library: An Island Grows by Schaefer, You Wouldn't Want to Live in Pompeii by Malam, The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top by Herman, The Magic School Bus Chapter Book Voyage to the Volcano by Stamper, Magic Tree House #13 Vacation Under the Volcano by Osborne, and National Geographic Kids Volcanoes.

Make an Apple Volcano:
Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool age children
When you think about the classic volcano themed classroom activity I'm pretty sure the reaction of baking soda and vinegar comes to mind. I didn't really want to build an elaborate volcano (although Chris totally does, and I told him to go for it so maybe he will), but I saw a few fruit volcanoes on pinterest. So an apple volcano it is!

I cut a cone shape out of the top and then used a fruit baller to hollow out the middle a bit more. I scooped a bunch of baking soda into the center and put the lid back on top. I placed the apple in a baking dish and handed Aria a little bottle filled with vinegar. The flaw in my cutting was that the top was removed at an angle. The vinegar would have been able to drip inside the apple easier if I had cut straight down. But, I told Aria to pour the vinegar where the top was and it worked well enough.  There was enough baking soda inside to refill her bottle of vinegar twice and she thought the whole thing was great. She was even a bit annoyed when I threw away the apple.

Make a Color Eruption:
Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool age children
Another baking soda and vinegar idea I saw on pinterest was using liquid watercolors with the vinegar to get a pretty reaction. I happened to have pink and green liquid watercolors so a pink and green eruption is what we did.

I used my baking dish again and filled two little plastic cups with baking soda. I placed the dish on top of a towel just in case of eruption overflow and handed Aria two bottles filled with vinegar. One mixed with the green liquid watercolor and the other with the pink liquid watercolor - a nice sized squirt in each. I told Aria to slowly pour the green into one cup and the pink into the other cup. There was a nice pile of baking soda in each so I refilled the bottles 4 or 5 times until it was all used up. We didn't end up with any overflow but we did need to wait for the bubbles to die down between pours or it would have been everywhere. Aria loved it even more than the apple volcano. I have an industrial sized jug of vinegar and I'm sure she could have gone through the whole thing plus all the baking soda we have in the house. It was definitely a cool little experiment.

Volcano Coloring Pages:
Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool age children
I'm sure you could find free coloring pages for just about any topic. So I had Chris print off one that I found online and then Aria went to town coloring it in. I liked that she went with legit colors for the most parts - oranges and reds and yellows. Aria's favorite form of art is painting so she is usually done with coloring in a hot second. This was no different, but she did insist on hanging them up in her room and dragged everybody off to her room to view them several times that day. 

Make a Volcano, version one:
Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool age children
I saw this idea for a 3D volcano with just the picture, so it didn't come with instructions. I assumed it looked easy enough that we could just wing it. I, however, could not figure out how to make a cone from construction paper. I must have missed that lesson in art class. I finally saw a printable, but I free handed it and our cone wouldn't sit flat on the paper plate. Good enough! So, I have no tips on making the volcano mountain part, but just crinkle up some red, orange, and yellow tissue paper for the lava! Tissue paper is one of my favorite art supplies - cheap, tons of colors, and we've used it a ton of times for various projects.

Make a Volcano, version two:
Volcano Activities and Crafts for preschool age children
I also found some hand print volcano art on pinterest, but I thought we would do it with puffs of cotton instead. I also thought we had red glitter glue for the lava but the closest we had was pink. Aria picked the pink background so it was a rather ladylike volcano in the end!

Start with construction paper in the color of your choice. Cut a volcano from a piece of brown construction paper. Glue it to the first piece of construction paper. Glue on some cotton balls for the cloud of ash and then use glitter glue for the oozing lava running down your volcano. The glitter glue takes a while to dry, so it is still sitting on the dining room table hardening but Aria has a spot for it picked out already where she would like to display her lovely creation.

I love to make treats to go along with any themed activities we are doing. I never did make it to the store for supplies, but I saw the cutest volcano cake pops. I've never made cake pops but I thought Aria might be able to help with the lava drizzle. So, if you are in the market for some volcano activities do a quick pinterest search for volcano cake pops - they looked easy enough!

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