Thursday, July 7, 2016

Teaching Together Blog Hop #10

Hey, everybody! Welcome to the Teaching Together Blog Hop - Summer School. I, together with Whitney at Work it Mommy, Amanda at Tickled Pink, Courtney at A+ Life, Beth at Our Pretty Little Girls, and this month's Summer School guest Meghan at The Adventure Starts Here thought that a link up focusing on preschool activities, homeschooling ideas, and play at home learning would be a great way to pool together all sorts of fun and educational resources. A place to share and be inspired. Check back on the original post for full details, and/or past blog hops for great ideas!

Unfortunately I am empty handed this month. I'm going to blame pregnancy exhaustion, the need to deep clean the house before having guests over, and tunnel vision about our ultrasound on Friday and the gender reveal BBQ on Sunday. So sorry to be less than fun for today's link up.

Did you see last month's linked contribution of a tissue paper beach ball from keepin' up with the Smiths? I thought that was pretty cute, and perfect for summer!
Sweet Turtle Soup - Teaching Together Blog Hop #10, keepin' up with the Smiths paper plate beach ball

Aria's and my favorite craft recently has been our star shaped potato stamps on the Fourth. I love that you can whip up any shape you can carve fairly quickly, and Aria always enjoys stamping all the paper.
Sweet Turtle Soup - Teaching Together Blog Hop #10, potato stamping

I hope everybody is having a wonderful summer so far!

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  1. I had forgotten about potato stampers!! Thanks for the reminder. Also I have visitors coming and need to deep clean my house soon too. Ick

  2. Such cute and simple ideas, love them!

    I was also a HUGE fan of Meghan's lemonade art, did you see that?! I still want to do my own take on that with the girls.

  3. Thanks for having me!!! That beach ball is so cute!

  4. I used to love potato art when I was a kid, had forgotten all about it!

  5. I love the potato stamps - I'll have to do that with Reese sometime. She loves painting :)

  6. I feel like you're always so on the ball you can give yourself a bit of a break for this. Haha. It's still awesome!

  7. Bless you, you get as many free passes as you like!!! Im so excited for tomorrow/Sunday :D

  8. We did one craft this week and I have 3-4 more plan for the month because I am determined to get Crafty with C.


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