Friday, December 18, 2015

Dear Santa: Stocking Stuffers

Christmas stocking stuffers for her wish list
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1, 2, 3 - It's not a Christmas stocking without a little treat, right?
4 - Since I clear the blogging slate after Christmas in favor of reading it's nice to have a new book to read. I've also got my eye on James Rollins' latest.
5 - I already have my new 2016 planner under the tree, but I also love notebooks so I can jot lists, ideas, and misc nonsense down. And, when you combine prettiness and curse words you really can't go wrong.
6, 7, 8 - I wouldn't say no to a few new beauty items either. I'm hating my current mascara, and I'm almost out of my BB cream so those are pretty sure bets. Also locking myself in the bathroom is an excellent survival technique, a bath bomb would just elevate the whole thing - minus the constant 'mommy' on the other side of the door.
9 - I need these Starbucks Disney You Are Here mugs! Gotta collect them all.
10 - These are the best bandaids I've ever seen in my life. Jane Austen is my favorite author, so why not cover the ouchies with her?

What's the best thing you've ever gotten in your stocking?


  1. All the sweet treats here - yum!! Jane Austen bandaids?! Who knew there was such a thing! How fun :) Right now we have Star Wars bandaids, the (healing) force is very strong with them! ;) lol. I still wish I'd collected those You Are Here mugs when we were at Disney! I intended to, but then forgot to pick up one our last visit to AK. I opted to skip purchasing them at that point because I didn't want an incomplete set - lol! They are so cute though!

  2. What an excellent list! Those bandaids sound amazing! I was admiring the mugs at the disney springs starbucks.... They are the bee's knees!

  3. So true about the locking yourself in the bathroom bit. I told Joe last night I was just gonna sit in the bathroom for a bit and he's like "are you going to shower?" Maybe. Maybe not. Mostly I'm going to pretend like I'm the only one in the house and enjoy not having anyone hanging on me and asking for stuff. Also, yay for all the chocolates and the journal. You can never have too many of either of those.

  4. I need those mugs!! Cute stocking stuffer suggestions! xo

  5. Chocolate covered potato chips - yes!! Those are my new favorite thing! And those Disney mugs- I'm hoping I can get all of them when we go! I need them all!

  6. Thomas and I decided that we HAVE to get those mugs when we got to DW!!!

  7. Jane Austen, you and me both!!! Adding that book to Goodreads now. I also found a book in our Free Little Library thats called Darcy's Story, have you read it?

  8. The mugs! YES! I forget every. single. time. to grab one when we are DL. Serious fail.
    That pretty curse word note book is pretty much amazing.
    And those band aids - haha!

  9. Love those mugs! I may or may not have though #8 was a cookie ;)! Ha!


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