Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Disney Trip #18 - One More Round at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival

We made it back one more time to Epcot's Food & Wine Festival this year. There were more foods to try and rats to find. We got there nice and early when the crowds were perfectly manageable. The lines weren't overly long, there were plenty of places to sit while you ate, and we could actually find Remy. On our last trip we just gave up on our rat hunt because there were just too many bodies blocking our way. We didn't stay but a few hours, just long enough to try a few more booths and then beat a hasty retreat back to the air conditioning.

We started in Mexico with Chilaquiles de Pollo and Tacos de Camaron - the chilaquiles were yummy but just a little too spicy for me, but the shrimp taco was my favorite of the day.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Mexico Pavilion, Chilaquiles de Pollo
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Mexico Pavilion, Tacos de Camaron

We spotted Remy by the large pretzel so Aria thought it was only fitting that she get one for herself. She loved it.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Norway Pavilion, Kringla Bakery, Remy Hide and Squeak map
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Norway Pavilion, Kringla Bakery

 I needed a second taste of China's Mango Jasmine Tea - yum.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, China Pavilion, Mango Jasmine Tea with Bubbles

Aria couldn't resist making some noise.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Outpost drums

I couldn't resist giving the Outpost's frozen brown elephant a try - it was some sort of alcoholic coke slushy and also completely yummy.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Outpost, Frozen Brown Elephant

Germany's apple strudel and Schinkennudeln - the strudel was meh and the Schinkennudeln (pasta gratin) was pretty good but not as good as others.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, German Pavilion, apple strudel
Walt Disney World, Epcot, German Pavilion, Schinkennudeln

Hanging with my favorite girl in Germany.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, German Pavilion

The Remy in Italy was particularly tricky. We searched all over on our last trip and could not find him. We finally spotted him when Aria wanted to go up and down the stairs nearby.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Italy Pavilion, Remy Hide and Squeak map

She'd just given me a smooch.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Italy Pavilion

And, finally Belgium's chilled coffee with Godiva - just as good as the first time haha.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Morocco Pavilion, Belgium's chilled coffee

We completed our Remy map (finally) so we turned it in for a salt and pepper shaker Remy pin. Our one and only Disney pin.
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Remy's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak map

And, we got our third stamp in our festival passport that earned us a pair of 20th Anniversary commemorative passholder wine glasses. Totally worth the extra trip!
Walt Disney World, Epcot, Spaceship Earth, Food & Wine Festival 20th Anniversary passholder commemorative port wine glass

No video this trip because we didn't do a whole lot other than eat, find rats, and sweat. We did pop over to the outlets afterwards. And, we listened to Aria chant that she wanted to go back to Disney for the last 20 minutes of the car ride. Poor kid, not a single ride. But, we do have something special planned for her Birthday this year! I think she will be pleased.

See you real soon!


  1. So much fun! That pretzel looks AMAZING! I want it! :)

  2. Everything looks so good! We love Epcot!! :)

  3. Wow, you guys are Disney elite now! I want fancy wine glasses. And a brown elephant. So cool that you guys managed to beat the crowds and find all the tricky rats. I miss Disney :(

  4. I love that you guys do Disney so much! I wish Mr. was into it too. Can't wait to go back, oh and I videoed our last trip to Disneyland will be up on the blog on Thursday ;)

  5. That's it, I guess I need to book another flight before Food & Wine Festival wraps up! ;) I missed far too many delicious eats and sips!! YUM! Loved the pic of Aria eating a pretzel bigger than her head! lol :) Hooray for earning your 20th Anniversary wine glass!! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for Aria's birthday!!!

  6. Ok, if we ever get to WDW I'm going to request you as my personal foodie guide. Everything you post looks amazing (even if it's just meh...)!
    Can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve for Aria's birthday!!

  7. oh I can't wait to hear about these special birthday plans!!! Whatever that elephant drink is/was it sounds awesome!!! That giant pretzel of Arias sounds awesome too. Shrimp tacos yummy!!! As always I'm so impressed with your Disney trips!

  8. It's so fun you can just go to Disney for a few hours and then leave. Jus a little jealous. That pretzel looks amazing!

  9. What Desiree said!! If we go to WDW, you definitely have to be our tour guide!!
    That food is making me so hungry, especially for a pretzel, even though I totally just ate dinner like an hour ago.
    I WISH we had something like that here. I'd go everyday!

  10. That pretzel is as bigger than her head! Lol is the food more/less/about the same price wise during the festival? It seems like so much fun but an easy way to drop a ton of money.

  11. That chilled coffee sounds amazing!

  12. This post has my mouth watering.... MMM!

  13. These posts have me REALLY wanting to go to Disney! Can you believe I've never been? My goal is to run one of my half marathons after my resection though so I'll be there in the next couple of years :)

    ....right now I just want some of those alcoholic beverages though ;)

  14. Everything sounded amazing! We didn't make it to Epcot last week, sadly. But we did hit the outlets last Sunday and I scored some great deals! :) I love the picture of you and Aria right after she kissed you - so cute!

  15. I have got to make it to Epcot's Food & Wine festival. Adding that to our bucketlist. Love the wine glass!

  16. I always wondered how people get those Disney pins. Glad you were able to make a final trip!

  17. Epcot was insane this past Saturday. I was like uhm no. Madness. Best to go early. You have such a head for knowing.

  18. That brown elephant sounds delish! And Aria's pretzel looks super yummy too. I love how many things you guys are able to try there. I need to get down there for the F&WF sometime; everything just looks sooo good!


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