Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two and Three Quarters

Photography, A Photo Each Month
Photography, A Photo Each Month
Photography, A Photo Each Month
weight: 33 lbs.

height: 37 inches.

wearing: Loves wearing dresses all the time. Mostly wearing 3T because the 2T dresses tend to be too short on her now.

milestone progress: Likes counting but still skips over 6 and 7. Still dislikes the alphabet but she remembers the hand print / foot print alphabet pictures we've been doing to go along with her books - M for moose, B for bear, P for pig, C for cupcake.

The remembering things still blows me away, and she picks up on the tiniest details. She makes connections between things that never cross my mind.

Prefers 'older' shows over things like Mickey Mouse nowadays. She enjoys Octonauts, Bubble Guppies, and Little Einsteins currently.

potty training: We are on day three of big girl panties. It's going better than expected - other than peeing on her great grandma's pillow. She is earning stars towards pieces of a new Doctor kit, which is pretty motivating in her book. Fingers crossed things go well.

talking: Never stops talking. It's the best. Most of the time.

A few gems -
Running into the bathroom to use the little potty. "You stay there. I'll do it on my own. Don't worry!"

When she tooted. "That's my favorite sound."

"What's a hungry b*tch do?" Instead of asking 'why' she asks 'what does (whatever) do?' And, my bad on the rest of that fill in. Oops.

"Oh my goodness!"

While she was playing in great grandma's room she got herself in trouble so great grandma kicked her out. She came out to me saying "Grandma threwed me out". So I asked why and she said "I don't know. No reason!".

teeth: 20!

eats: Loves her frozen fruit, breads, dairy, tiny veggies, and waffles. Current faves are pears, frozen pineapple, peas, waffles, pretzels, milk, popcorn, toast, bagels, strawberry yogurt, and oatmeal.

sleep: No naps for the most part. She'll pop one in here and there depending on how nutty she slept that night. She goes to bed easily but she's decided sleeping through the night isn't fun anymore. Again. She wakes up around 3 am completely wide awake and asking for anything she can think of - moooom I need a tissue, moooom I need some water, moooom I'm a puppy, moooom is it time to wake up yet? I'd say she sleeps all night once every 3 or so days. She's also up earlier for the day now, around 7 am. Not bad, just earlier than before.

The bedtime routine looks like...pjs and a diaper, teeth brushing, two books, lights out, 2-3 songs, smooches, she gets put in her crib where she tries to head dive into her pillow but misses and hits the wall of the crib, big hugs for mom and dad but only if you don't hug back because "I need to do it on my own", gets tucked in by dad and says good night to him, and then holds mom's hand for a minute and says good night.

She got her crib turned into a toddler bed yesterday. She says she is ready for a big girl bed, so that sounds like a lot of fun - especially with the wide awake at 3 thing. We shall soon see. Wish us luck?

loves: princess dresses, trips to Disney, playing pretend with her dinos/kitchen/doctor kit, reading her books, playing in the water on the porch, her TV time, helping me bake, playing fetch with Baxter, frozen fruit, trips to the mall play set with dad, stealing grandma's rocking chair, dancing, talking non-stop, counting, chewing on straws, Target popcorn, Publix cookies, her blankets, and "mommy" (when I asked her what she loves).

hates: Not getting whatever thing it is she wants at the exact moment she wants it. Being told no. Getting splinters. Going most places without mom & dad, instead of with just mom or just dad - she just likes when we are all together. "When it's hot outside" (when I asked her what she hates).

1. What makes you happy? Donuts!
2. What makes you sad? The freezer makes me sad. (shrug)
3. How old are you? Older. Three. (Not yet, you're going to be three.)
4. What is your favorite thing to do? Play in grandma's room.
5. What do you want to be when you grow up? Puppy.
6. What is your favorite food? Sprinkles.
7. What is your favorite animal? Lizzy is my favorite animal.
8. Where is your favorite place to go? Disney!
9. What is your favorite color? Green and pink.
10. What is your favorite ride at Disney? Dumbo and the carrousel ride.


  1. It always amazes me when they start to remember things! Sometimes they have a better memory than I do!!! Gosh the big kid bed thing. Letty took all kinds of bribes and threats. How did the clock go? And way to go with potty training!!! Great job to you both!!!

  2. Isn't it crazy that we are going to have 3 years old in just a few short months!!??

  3. Did you die laughing when she said, "what's a hungry B to do?" There's no way I could have had a straight face with that one!!

  4. "That's my favourite sound" hahahahahha Too cute. Crazy how fast she is growing. I love the dress in the first picture. :)

  5. I love this post :)
    It so cute to see her little funny sayings - the fact that the toot is her favorite sound! I seriously laughed out loud at my desk at work. I may have shared this with a few co-workers.
    How did she do in her big girl bed? Sorry shes not sleeping that well. Lia went through the same thing 3 -sometimes she still does - wah wah wah
    Hope your week is great

  6. So cute, love that you are recording this. I do the same for both of my kids, but don't post on my regular blog. For some reason I feel like other people won't want to read mine, even though I like reading others, I'm strange like that.

  7. I want to be a puppy when I grow up too ;) Aria is so cute! Children are so amazing and its like 100000x more so when they are your own. I can't get enough of the kid quotes!

  8. Oh sleep. Some day we'll sleep! Love reading about her!

  9. We've stopped watching Mickey, too, and it makes me a little sad.
    Woohoo for potty training!! I hope all continues to go smoothly (sans pee pillow). "That's my favorite sound." HILARIOUS!!
    We are also no nappers and middle of the night waker uppers. Ugh. I can do one, but both?! Come on kiddos - sleep is.a glorious thing!

  10. OMG this is amazing. I especially love the swearing comment. I would have die laughing! I also kinda like the tooting is her favorite noise comment. Because I'm a 10 year old boy apparently lol.
    Good luck potty training!!! We're not moving fast at all. In fact, I just got some potty books from the library today. Any recommendations? I'm hoping if I talk it up, he'll be interested. Somehow I doubt it. Ugh. I hate potty training. In fact, I kinda like diapers because you can take them wherever whenever and you don't have to worry about an emergency potty trip. If only they weren't so expensive...

  11. Oh my gosh, I just wanna squeeze her, she's so adorable! I really like that dress in her 31 months picture, very cute. :)

  12. The things she says made me laugh - too cute! Any tips on the bed transition? We're going to be there as well sooner rather than later. I'm kind of dreading it. Hope it's going well with Aria so far! And good luck with potty training! Sounds like she's going to master it quickly, wanting to do it on her own already! Love it! She is so cute!

  13. Big girl panties, YAY!!! That is so awesome. I think month #31 is my favorite, so cute.

    The freezer, bahaha! Mix those donuts and sprinkles together and girl friend has the keys to my heart :). She is the coolest.

  14. I love it! Especially love all of her answers. Reese has some great soundbites too; I have to remember to keep writing them down so I don't forget. Yay for potty training - hope it's still going well!

  15. Haha. Grandma threwed me out. I don't know. No reason. HILARIOUS!!! And best of luck with potty training! Hope to see a post of Aria with her new doctor set soon!


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