Monday, September 28, 2015

18 Recipes to try this Autumn

Sweet Turtle Soup: 18 Recipes to try this Autumn
Are you looking for some delicious Autumn recipes? Look no further because I've gathered up all of our absolute favorites for you to try! Treats, soups, breakfasts, meals, and snacks. As it gets closer and closer to October (and this year's Countdown to Halloween!) I've been jotting down recipes that we need to make this season. I always love trying new things, but some recipes are too good not to make again. And, almost all of these are on my list for this year - I am impatiently waiting to pop some pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies in the oven, oh my word. Make them! You won't regret it.

pumpkin pie oatmeal

pumpkin cream cheese truffles

apple crumb muffins

apple pie pancakes

potato ham chowder

pumpkin cupcakes

baked pumpkin cream cheese french toast

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

apple cider glazed pork chops

apple cider floats

pumpkin waffles

pumpkin pie spice white chocolate popcorn

pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies

apple pie bread

pumpkin pie pudding

pumpkin spice pancakes

apple cinnamon pancakes

cheddar cauliflower squash soup

Hungry yet? I think it is going to be one tasty Autumn!


  1. I wasn't hungry until I read this! I'm a sucker for soups. That potato and ham chowder sounds delish!

  2. That pumpkin French toast looks amazing! I may need to try that!

  3. Umm way to make me SUPER hungry for soup, cookies, cinnamon rolls and all sorts of other yummy things at 6:45am! Haha. I'm bookmarking this for later!

  4. Mmmmm I love all the flavors of fall. Now I am starving and it isn't even 9:00.

  5. Fall has some of the best seasonal flavors!
    I'm practically drooling over that pumpkin cream cheese french toast. I'll also take a glass or two of that apple cider float, please and thank you. :)

  6. Yuuuuummmmmyyyyy!!! We have had one pumpkin, sometimes two, tast treat each week since September 1st! I'm sharing our favorites later this week. I can't wait to try some of these bad boys too!

  7. Oooh these all look so yummy. That pumpkin oatmeal and french toast are screaming my name! Great post, Courtney!

  8. YES to ALL of these!!! Im pinning this. Youve got me salivating for pumpkin everything :)

  9. Oh my goodness, I want it all. So many great recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Perfect! I was looking for a way to use up some apples and those apple crumb muffins should do the trick. Also, I remember wanting to try that cauliflower soup when you made it last year but never got around to it, so it's on the list for this year.

  11. Oh my goodness so much goodness and so festive!!!!

  12. Oh my! I'm in heaven looking at all these tasty treats. I need to put together a Fall baking/eating bucket list. I could start with these 18 ideas!

  13. Okay I want to try all of these! And I don't even like pumpkin...haha!

  14. Is it horrible that all I want are the pancakes & other sweets?! Ha!

  15. I better get busy in the kitchen! All of this looks amazing!!!! I just love this time of year.

  16. Apple cider floats??!! YES!! I must try this stat!

  17. I so wish I had time to make some of these!! Everything looks sooo good; I'm definitely going to save this post :)


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