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Toddler Book plus Activities: Pinkalicious

Sweet Turtle Soup - Toddler Book plus Activities: Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann
"Pinkalicious" and the other "-licious" books by Victoria Kann are favorites around here. I enjoy that each has a nice lesson to teach, although we haven't read them all as of yet. "Pinkalicious" is about the negatives of excess - there is such a thing as too many pink cupcakes!

Here are five activities that we did to go along with "Pinkalicious":

How to make a star wand
How to make a star wand
How to make a star wand
First up, we made Pinkalicious' star wand! 
You'll need - a wooden dowel, stiff yellow felt, yellow embroidery floss, pink ribbon, pink paint, a needle, and a hot glue gun.
Paint your dowel pink and let dry. Cut out two star shapes from your felt. Cut three lengths of ribbon. Hot glue one star shape to your dowel, place the ribbon inside the star shape, and then hot glue the other star on top of your first star. Stitch your two stars together just around the edge.

activities with pom poms for toddlers
In the story Pinkalicious turns pink from too many cupcakes and the only cure is to eat nothing but green foods. So, I picked up pink and green pom poms and we sorted them, counted them, put them in patterns, and had a pom race.
If you saw my 6 tubes of cupcake liners on instagram this is one of things I used them for. Aria sorted the pink and green poms into pink and green liners using the kitchen tongs. Then we put them in groups of 1, 2, 3, and 4. Next I made a simple pattern of poms and had Aria copy me - pink, green, pink, green. And for the pom race, we scattered all the poms onto the floor, I set a timer, and then Aria had 1 minute to collect as many poms with her tongs as she could. Her prize was a marshmallow per pom.

ice cube paint, liquid watercolor
 I made pink and green ice paint by filling up an ice cube tray half full with water and then squeezing in some pink or green liquid watercolor before letting them freeze. I had to make two sets because the first attempt wasn't strong enough, so don't be afraid to give the liquid watercolor a good squirt into the trays. But, be warned this is not a clean activity. I also think it was Aria's favorite of the bunch. She thought it was hilarious that her hands turned bright pink and green, and by the end she was using her hands and feet to paint.

C is for Cupcakes, hand print cupcake, hand print art
It just isn't 'book plus activities' week without a '_ is for _' hand/foot print craft!
Big C little c, what begins with c...

pinkalicious cupcakes, pink cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, whipped buttercream
And, it wouldn't be a "Pinkalicious" activity week without making pinkalicious cupcakes.
The recipe for the cupcake is here, and the recipe for the frosting is here. Just tint both with pink gel food coloring. And, then send them off to work/friends so you don't turn pink!
I'm not to be held responsible if you have cupcakes for breakfast after making these...

And there you have it 5 activities to go along with "Pinkalicious" by Victoria Kann.

Have you done any toddler book and activities lately?

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  1. So fun! You come up with the best activities :) I love the pom pom thing, and those cupcakes look so yummy. What do you end up doing with all the hand/footprint art she makes?

  2. Pinkalicious?! How do I not own this book?! Heading over to Amazon now!! And you always have the bessssst ideas! Super mom!

  3. Love this!! Can't wait until Hallie can do those fun activities!

  4. Adorable! And such good ideas, as always.

  5. Love all of these ideas! I haven't read Pinkalicious, but I'm pretty sure if there were pink cupcakes around, I'd turn pink.

  6. How have I not heard of the -licious books?! Checking them out now!

  7. I am drooling over the cupcakes. Yum. I'm going to have to check out these books for Mim! And ice chalk painting is on our summer to do list. Maybe this weekend?!

  8. So much fun...yup, I'm coming down to live with you so I can join in on the fun. :)

  9. The star wand!!!! YES! Oh my goodness I love it. Marissa was obsessed with Pinkalicious when she was 4! My MIL even knit her a pink cupcake. Your cupcake icing skills are legit lady. I wish I could do that.

  10. Elin would love this. She loves Pinkalicious as well as Aqualicious and Goldenlicious!

  11. We used Pinkalicious and Goldilicious as guest books for Kinsey's 3rd birthday (her theme was pink and gold) and I treasure those books and the sentiments they hold. The wand turned out beautifully!

  12. How fun!!! I've always loved that book and think these are perfect activities to go with it! That painting with ice cubes ideas is so fun! I would have never thought of that. Mason would be all about it except that it is probably super cold. He doesn't like that. My activity of choice would probably be the cupcakes... of course :)

  13. You know my bookworm heart LOVES LOVES LOVES this post! You are so creative. We do small activities, none that include baking or sewing. Maybe I need to kick up the activities a level!

  14. You do the COOLEST book activities with Aria! And I'm over here calling a book successful if we get it read before bedtime.
    The pom pom ideas are awesome. Marcus has a slight love for tongs (why?!), and this would be the perfect activity to do something a little different with them!

  15. Lily would be allllllll over these crafts! We might do them next week actually! :) thanks for planning our craft time for us! She luuuuhuuuuvs all the "licious" thinks they are cute but rather wordy ;-)

  16. Again I just love love love these ideas. You need to stop being so creative! Ha. Genius I tell you.


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